Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Grace's silly faces...

Grace is always taking crazy pictures of herself- here's her latest...

Canning Update...

Yesterday sweet Kara came over and we canned peaches together for a few hours. I had done 14 quarts before she arrived and then we did 29 while she was here. Can I just say how much "funner" canning is with a friend! It's wonderful.
Today sweet Angie came over and we did 14 quarts for Annikan who's still in the hospital after having baby # 4. She had a c- section and there was no way she was going to get to them after that and I couldn't bare the thought of her not having any or the peaches rotting- so we spent a few hours this afternoon doing hers. After Angie left I made a bunch of strawberry-pineaple- peach jam! I made 16 pints and I am thrilled to have yummy jam this year! ( and for gifts too!)

***Offical 2011 count***

Peaches= 78 quarts
Jam= 61 pints
Freezer Jam= 19 containers
Applesauce= 82 pints & quarts
Pears= 21 quarts

Grand Total= 261 pints, quarts or frozen.
My total= 172