Sunday, September 20, 2009

Getting ready for baby Willow!!!

I am going to the Dr. in the morning to get things started, and I can hardly believe we're at this point already! Last week I was dilated to a 3 and 60% effaced with lots of contractions coming, so my WONDERFUL Dr. said we would strip my membranes on my next app.(tomorrow) and have a baby next week! I confessed my love for her and skipped out of her office with a huge smile plastered on my face! All week, I've been finishing up projects, cleaning, organizing, packing the hospital bag, diaper bag & getting last minute touches on things and I feel ready! (Not for labor, of course) We've waited so long for her to get here and we're thrilled! We can't wait to hold her and see if she has as much black hair as all the others did. So, wish me luck tomorrow and say a prayer that my cervix continues to work her magic- and I'll post pictures as soon as I get home!

My baby shower...

Thank you so much everyone!!!

My baby shower...

I have the greatest friends who had a baby shower for me a few nights ago! It was great to sit with friends, eat and open presents for the baby! Thank you so much everyone!!!

Tristin teaches himself to ride a bike!

That's right, Tristin hopped on his friend's bike last week, and off he went! No training wheels, nothin' It worked out great because just a few days ago our neighbor that was moving, asked if I wanted a bike for him and I said "sure, thank you". So after fixing the tires, Tristin has been in Heaven riding up and down the street. (We don't have side walks, so that's why he didn't have one before this, really, I'm not a bad Mom!)