Friday, August 27, 2010

Shane & Chelsea are in town!

I've been looking forward to today for the past week. We went and saw Shane, Chelsea and the twins today for a little bit. They got in at 3:30 AM from Portland, so they were a little tired. I can't believe how big the twins got! They are both SOO precious, adorable, have the prettiest blue eyes, are alert, smiling and so darn cute! It felt like heaven to just sit and talk with Chelsea for a hour before I had to get the kids from school. I can't even count the number of times I have had meltdowns and crying fits because I've missed her SO much. It's been really hard with her gone. There's been so many times when things have been falling apart and I would get that feeling- just go to their house, eat ice cream, have a good cry, talk it out and feel better- but then it would hit me like a thousand bricks, " Oh, I can't, they are gone."
I just love them so much and wish things were different.
P.S. Thanks for my IKEA napkins dear!

Sleeping Beauty...

What is it with my girls sleeping half way off couches & beds these days?

("I'm not even mad, I'm impressed!" From out favorite movie-Anchorman.)

Someone doesn't like yard sales...

Grace got a hold of my camera while I went out to a yard sale this morning. This is what I found... poor Willow! ( And, yes, I cleaned my van windows today! Gross!)

Daisy lost her first tooth!

Daisy lost her first tooth last week while we were at Lara's playing & crafting. It was wiggling for a few days, and sure enough, it finally came out. We were kind of surprised it happened so soon- Tristin was in 2nd grade when he started loosing his.

Tristin and our neighbor

A few weeks ago our neighbor across the street was putting his 4 wheelers away after the weekend, but before he did, he took all the kids for a ride up and down the street. They all loved it!

The last of Swim lessons...

Yes, swim lessons have been done for about a month now, but I haven't been able to do much with my camera for the past few weeks. I'm just trying to get caught up now. The kids had a blast this summer taking lessons and they all improved a lot from last year. They all love the pool and it was great to watch them become more comfortable and confident in the water.