Saturday, September 24, 2011

What are you doing at 5:30 AM?

Apparently I am making apple butter, pumpkin bars, doing laundry, organizing the pantry and planning a birthday party!
Trav's 4:45 AM schedule has taken a tole on my sleep, because evidently on Saturday, when I should be sleeping- I am not. I think I would give a body part to get a goodnight's rest! Seriously. These days I average 5 hours a night,which is pretty decent, but I toss and turn and wake up so much that I think that # goes way down. I just want to wake up ready to face the day- but I am so darn tired all the time.
I've always been this way though. Even in Junior high & high school. Even before I became a Mom and even before I became crazy in the head and worried about everything. Is there a cronic fatigue syndrome that I signed up for while in the womb? Or do I get it from my dear sweet Mother who was always up at 5:00 (if not earlier) doing laundry, getting ready, putting rollers in her hair, reading or cleaning?
One of these days I'll feel rested, right???


I finished up my pears yesterday was was happy to get 21 jars this year. When I told Trav I wasn't going crazy this year with canning, he said, "you could have fooled me."
Really I'm not. I've done enough to make myself feel good about it, but not enough to completely wear myself out.