Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bunk beds...

We knew when we were planning another baby, that our second set of bunk beds would be on the list of things to buy, so we found some yesterday and Trav put them together for the girls. I wanted a few months to work on the transition from crib to "big girl bed" because it always takes awhile to get a routine down after they've been let out of their "cage".

The girls did great last night, and I'm loving the comforters I picked up at Ross a few months ago for $ 14.99 too- those things are pricey! After a little re arranging & organizing- I think the room will work just fine. If the baby is a girl- we'll keep her in that room with Grace & Willow (for decoration & color sake) but if it's a boy- he will share a room with Tristin & Daisy (they have the blue room).
We can't wait to find out in a few days what this little wiggle worm is!

2 Yard sales!!!

Yesterday we found 2 yard sales and my little heart was delighted beyond belief! Tristin found this amazing gas mask and wore it ALL day (except when we were shopping) I FIRMLY said, "No way, get that thing off"

It was the best .75 spent in a long time.
I was happy to pick up a few camping & baby supplies too! Bring on the yard sales, baby- I am SOOOOO ready!

A girl after my own heart...

The other morning I walked into the kitchen to find Willow naked eating chocolate chips!