Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mobing sale!!!

I think the entire universe is aware of how much I LOVE yard sales. When I say love, I mean the kind of love that I feel for my husband and children! So, when I ran across this sign awhile back, you can imagine my shock and utter disbelief. If you look closely the sign says: MOBING SALE ALL WEEK. I laughed so hard and had to drive by the sign multiple times to see if what I was reading was correct. I was just sure if I continued to drive past it, it would magically spell MOVING SALE instead, but sadly, it never changed and the poor person never realized they broke yard sale rule # 1- GET YOUR SIGN RIGHT! I thought this was blog worthy. Hope it made you laugh!Yup, it is confirmed, Nampa has some real winners!

The laundry is done!!!

When ever I see the bottom of the laundry basket, I get this overwhelming urge to jump up and down, fling my arms around wildly and scream wonderful things for the world to hear. It would probably consist of something like, "Holy crap I did it!" I always want to share my joy with someone, but 6, 3 and 1 year olds don't care that the laundry is complete. So, instead I move on to the next task without praise from anyone and my crazy urges within begin to slowly fade away. Trav comments some times, but he doesn't get it. They have no idea the incredible battle it was to tackle the overflowing heap of clothing that smelled like urine, poop and sour milk. So, in honor of my empty laundry basket, I thought I should add it to my blog as evidence that only a woman would understand!