Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What is it with plastic bags???

Someone please tell me that your kids dress up in plastic bags too and that we are not the only goof balls on the planet who do so!

Working toward his wolf badge...

This past year in Scouts, Tristin has been working hard to complete all the requirements for his wolf badge. Thank the Lord for his amazing leader, Sister Izatt, who has been an amazing help too. We've turned Family Home Evening nights into scout projects and he is almost done! He only has a few left and he's done about 25 electives as well. Monday night was "Tool Night" and he got a bunch signed off. Next he needs to build something like a bird house or book ends, but I'm thinking a second story to our house would be rather nice!!!

Making Jam...

Lisa came over yesterday and we made raspbery jam together! She supplied the berries from her Mom's freezer & the pectin and I supplied the jars & sugar and we went to town and got 24 pints & 4 1/2 pints done in a few hours! It definatly got me in the canning mood! It was lots of fun to hang out and I can't wait to try it now! Thanks Lisa!

I'll see you soon, my sweet friend...

Saturday morning as we were packing to leave, Trav handed me my phone and said, "Someone must be trying really hard to get a hold of you." I took my phone from him and saw 4 missed alerts from the same number, all within a few minutes apart. I didn't recognize the #, but knew something was going on so I called the # and said this is Emily, when the man answered the phone. It was Evonne's son John and he told me that she had passed away the night before.
I sat down and started crying as he told me what had happened. My heart hurt so much. toward the end he said she wasn't in any pain, that she was ready to go home and that when she did, it was in her sleep, just the way she wanted it.
it's been a few days now and I catch myself several times a day missing her terribly and just falling apart for awhile. I am so sad we never made it to have our lemon pie together- that will be my greatest regret. Oh, how I loved her. I would have gone to the moon and back for her and it hurts. I am just so sad. I won't be able to see her every other week. our talks are done now. The girls won't be able to play on her porch with her baby dolls, I won't be able to dust her things or open her water bottles anymore and I'm not sure how to deal with it right now. We had the sweetest relationship that lasted almost 9 wonderful years. We would just sit and talk and laugh forever. I wrapped her Christmas presents every year and she saved coupons for me. I would drive to the bank to get cash for her, take out her holiday decorations and listen to her stories. I would share family pictures afer a trip- and it's all done now, I can't do those things anymore.
I will miss you so much my friend, but I know I will see you again one day and then we can sit and talk and watch Wheel Of Fortune and eat carmeled apple candy together. I love you Evonne.

Going Home...

I have felt a little spoiled these past 11 moths because I've been able to go home 4 times (plus Mom & brent came here in December), it's these visits home that make the 500 mile distance managable in my heart and mind. My family is extremely close and together all the time. We hug, we kiss, we laugh, we fight, we joke, we play, & we love each other fiercly- everyone lives within a 40 mile radius so getting together takes only minutes for most. Mom always has dinners and get togethers, My brothers go to my Grandparents to play cards, they meet for luch, attend baseball games, talent shows- you name it, my family is probably together. I tribute that closeness to my Mother because she worked so hard to keep us close growing up. There were many years of choas, uncertanity, sadness & an overall emptiness in each of us. My Sweet Mama had to be both parents for a very long time and although we hated our Father's absence, it brought us together in a way that I really cannot describe- it's why we are so close today. I think we clung to one another just to survive and Mom's help and my Grandparents endless love and support kept us afloat.

(I also love that my Dad is in each of our lives now too and has been for years. I admire how he has made us a priority and that we have wonderful relationships with him- because that is all we wanted- our Dad. I love that I can call him to share stories and that he drives out each year to be with us.My heart swells with love when I watch my kids play with him- it is something I deeply cherish.)

Going home was so wonderful. There were so many friends I wanted to see but didn't have the chance. (Audra, I was going to call you on our Seattle day to see if we could meet at IKEA, but it rained everyday and walking around downtown with wet kiddos is never fun, so we never even made it there. I'm Sorry)
We did have a very relaxing time and I even got to watch a few awesome shows with Mom (Cake Boss, Intervention, Ellen, Hoarders, Man VS. Food) We ate, played & relaxed. We ahd a great time with my Grandparents, had tons of fun with Uncle Jake, April & the cousins, picked up Uncle Caleb and went to Chuck E Cheese, had lunch with Mom, went down to the water, went shopping, ate out, had a fun party, slept in and visited with Erin for a few wonderful hours. It was wonderful to be home. thanks Mom & brent for letting us stay an entire week. We love you both soooo much!