Friday, April 27, 2012

What does a girl need to do to get some sleep around here???

I awoke this morning at 4:30, to crashing sounds outside my window. I opened my eyes and realized I wasn't dreaming some crazy dream and suddenly panicked. Something wild was going on outside and it was loud. I touched Trav's arm and said, "babe- something is happening." He woke up and heard the crashing sounds and yelled out, Tristin?" There was no answer. He shot up out of bed and down the hall toward the back porch. I, being much slower, crawled out of bed and started down the hall- but then I stopped. Who do I protect? My children, who's doors I was right outside of? Or my husband? It was actually a terrifying decision. I heard Trav yelling something outside and stayed where I was. Stay by your babies. The other option was me wobbling down the hallway in my underware with my huge old belly hanging out to protect my husband against some really loud robbers. (It might have scared them away though... I 'll remember that for the future!) I heard him come back in and close the door. I peaked around the corner and said, "What was it?" Half shocked and half laughing he said, "It was a cat. With this on it's head." He held up something in the dark but I couldn't make out what it was. "What is it?" I asked. "A chip bag!" He laughed. "What?" I asked laughing back. "The cat had a chip bag stuck on it's head and it couldn't see. It was wobbling around bumping into stuff so I called out "Hey Cat", walked over to it and took it off it's head." He said the cat looked around all bewildwered and then shot off like a bullet out of our yard. I stood there in my underware laughing, thinking, You stupid cat. First you poop EVERYWHERE around my house: in the front yard, in the dirt by my door, on the side of the house, in the rocks, in my garden, in the back yard, in the rocks between the sheds, in the grass, in the dirt by the back windows and on the side in the back- and now you are waking my up at 4:30 AM when I had a good 15 minutes left before the alarm went off???!!! I hate you I thought- but I was laughing at the image of it's ugly head stuck in a bag bumping into all the kids toys (and metal basket which was loud)on the back porch! Finally, sweet revenge. So, no wild dreams to report last night, just a good scare that turned out to be a stupid cat with a chip bag stuck on it's head!