Saturday, December 3, 2011

Feeling yucky...

I'm really surprised the vomiting hasn't started yet- (except for the terrible stomach flu a week ago.)
Trust me, I am ever so thankful to still be in the upright position. But I've been a little nervous too. I'm totally pregnant, which was confirmed by me crying at a Hallmark commercial a few days ago. What is it about that solider Dad who gets the book from his kid who just started to read- that gets me every time???
The past few days I have felt really gross. I have been reminded to keep several plastic bags with me for vomiting after I almost had to dump out my diaper bag to throw up in. I want to throw up I just can't yet, but boy, am I close when a sweet old lady walks by with her nasty perfume! it's just the normal 2 month mark where everything feels off. I feel tired and achy, my bre*sts are sore, and what is up with the smells these days? Why does that happen and so fast? I am really starting to struggle with:

*Our fish food. I have to crumble it and it smells terrible!
* Rubber tires. They smell awful.
*Cooked noodles. I wanted to gag.
*Hot dogs grinding up in the disposal. So gross folks.
*Cleaners. A very sad day.
*The holiday section at Fred Meyer. It's so strong!

*Tide laundry soap. And I love that stuff!
*My super yummy berry soap from Bath & body works- it's all off to me right now. Food is starting to be a problem. I want to eat, but I don't. Nothing sounds good, but I have to eat something or I'll feel worse- you know the story! Although very grateful to have another child- I am not excited for 7 very long months of pregnancy.
I am beyond thankful to still be up so I've been trying to keep up on laundry, more wrapping, sending off packages and more organizing. I just got the kids down after letting them stay up late to finish a movie- and I am tired. Trav is at a friends finishing the football game & I'm off to watch The Office and drift off to sleep. I had to get a few posts done before it gets any worse and let you know we are still surviving and very much pregnant!

A few stops today:

I thought while I was still standing- we should make our rounds and drop off our food and toy donations around town today. So today was the day. We loaded up bags of toys & food for the fire station, Fred Meyer: Stuff the bus, the women & childrens shelter & the Mission.
I pray that 1 of the things my kids learn is the sprit of service and giving. I know I could do so much more, but I think Trav and I do a pretty good job at involving the kids in activities. We try to help our neighbors, we volenteer in community events, we help at church, the kids help deliver meals to those who are sick in the ward, help clean the church, help people move and we are always trying to find ways to life people up. I think it's one of the greatest things we can do- to help those in need and remind people they are loved.
We had a tour of the fire station today which the kids loved and a tour of our local Women's shelter. It was really cool to have the director take us around and show us the supply room, the kitchen, the donation area, food pantry & he intoduced us to residents and we talked to volenteers cooking in the kitchen. It was a great experience to involve the kids in and we hope to go back soon to serve a meal or make crafts with them. I took notes on what they need so if you have anything to donate they need: cereal, dish soap, laundry soap, shampoo & conditionor, newborn & size 1 diapers. Anything is greatly appriciated.
I taught a coupon class there a year ago and every time we drop stuff off- I have such an overwhelming sense that I need to be apart of an organization like that. I want to help people and because I don't have a lot to give, I know what I can give is my time. Mom has always told me to find a place to volenteer and do it.

Preparing for the storm...

Let me advise you not to brown 12 pounds of hamburger when you are entering the gaging stage of pregnancy! It had to be done though. I took one for the team, let me tell you...shredded chicken was A LOT better!

Here's to preparing food for the weeks to come...

How do you serve dinner???

These days, if I make it, it's a good night. I just laugh though because I line up all the plates and feel like the lunch lady at school serving up a thousand meals. And please don't judge me- tonight's dinner was: Mac N Cheese, potatoes, cottage cheese and milk! Amazing over here, let me tell you!

Daisy gets the B.U.G. award- don't laugh...

So, I thought this was hilarious when Daisy handed me an invite to her school because she won the BUG award! Yeah, I know darling!!!
No, it's not a lice award- it stands for:bringing up grades (or keeping up the great ones!) We went to her assembly yesterday where she was 1 of 6 to get it! We are So proud of her- I swear, her teacher loves her too. He ALWAYS comments on how sweet she is and advanced! She is so smart, so sweet and such a doll. We love her to pieces.

Little traditions...

Growing up, my Mom ALWAYS had these chocolate calendars for the month of December and I LOVED them! So, every year I get one and the kids love it too!
We also set the tree up & decorations last week. I've been playing Christmas music, wrapping presents and trying to get in the spirit!

Thanksgiving Pictures...

We had a great time at Aunt cammy's house. We ate dinner at the church and it was heavenly! Emmy was baptized that morning too and it was a great day!

Lice Update: 8 weeks...

Just a little update. About a month ago we thought we were nearing the end of our terrible lice experience. We were still VERY careful, but we were excited to have our egg removal count be zero for days! I went to Lara's b-day party and that night, WITH MY HAIR DOWN, thinking I was fine. After returning home, I had Trav check my head becasue I had been really itchy. (Remember I was using TONS of stuff on my head so it was difficult to tell if my scalp was irritated- or if something was in there- but I honestly thought I was fine.)

To my horror, he found several eggs in my hair that night. I ALMOST DIED. I had been in Lara's truck- in her front seat, in her back seat, we picked up Rosie and she sat in the front where I had been too. I was mortified. I wanted to curl up in a ball and just die, but instaed I had to call my friends after 10:00 PM and tell them I still had eggs and they needed to have themselves checked. Not fun at all. I was so embarressed. I felt ill.
The good news was that the eggs honestly looked mutaited. They didn't look normal (probably due to all the homemade stuff left on my head for 12 hours straight for days & weeks)
***P.S. I COMPLETELY burned my scalp and behind my ears. It was honestly peeling off in sheets and clumps. So my advice, make the homemade/natural stuff but don't leave it on for 12 hours straight for weeks!)

So, the cr*p continued for weeks. A few were found on the other kids, and we were all still wearing shower caps and washing EVERYTHING under the sun, still using chemical shampoos and every precausionary measure possible. We found a few more eggs before Thanksgiving, had shampoos and went to the cousin's for a few days to be with family. The plan was: I was going to stay home with Willow, but after finding zero the night before, doing a shampoo treatment & calling my SIL for her honest feelings with me being in her home- I decided to go. We had a great time too. The cousins had a blast, Cammy, Ellen & I went black Friday shopping, went to a basketball game and felt pretty good.
Sadly we caught the stomach flu while we were there and delt with Willow throwing up 5 times and Tristin throwing up once. We knew it was time to get home. After arriving home, I started feeling AWFUL, but thought it was pregnancy stuff starting. The vomiting was HORRIBLE and I just layed on the bathroom floor crying to God saying: "I'm not ready for this!" (Meaning the pregnancy sickness) It was over in about 48 hours but I was reminded how awful it gets, so the next day, I hurried and got my Christmas shopping done, made a Costco run and bought prepared meals and organized everything I could. After a glimpse of the awfulness, I was scared.

So- back to head lice. I pray we are done. It was been 8 weeks and 2 days and I am so worn out I don't know what to do anymore. Although hopeful, I know not to get too excited. We haven't found anything in my hair since before Thanksgiving and 1 of the girls 8 days ago- so, we are praying we are done. The kids will get another shampoo treatment tomorrow just for fun and we will continue to look like cancer patients with our shower cap/pillow case heads around here. Here I am with lice shampoo on my head- patiently waiting my 10 minutes!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Here comes baby # 5...

It's offical! And early. We found out almost 2 weeks ago that we are expecting # 5!
Call me what you will...(I've heard it all lately) but we are really excited. And nervous. And scared. And overwhelmed. And thrilled. And extremely blessed to be so fertile. We've been planning for several months (you know how it goes- get the IUD removed, wait a few months/cycles and then hope for the best!) Of course we ended up pregnant in no time (which I also know is an amazing blessing)
I am scared out of my mind to endure the next 3 months of violent sickness- but I have no choice. I have been making freezer meals, freezer lunches, getting the craft show complete, working on organizing projects, wrapping Christmas presents and praying for just another day until it hits and I am out for 10 long weeks. There is nothing I can do except throw up 15- 20 times a day, and lay on the floor like a zombie. It is the near death sickness that is awful. I can handle the barfing- I've been great at that most my life- it's just the non functioning part that is so madning.

I have been prepping Grace for months now, as she will litterally become my saving Grace. I figure I have a week or two left before it hits and I have been frantically trying to get things done and play with the kids. Just pray for the kids. I have no idea how any of them have survived my pregnancies. They run around the house doing who- knows- what while I pray for God to end my misery and just let me die.

Thankfully Trav is home by 3:00 in the afternoons and can do damage control, laundry, kid duty and errands. Oh, how I wish there was any other way. I would give body parts not to have to go through this- but here we go....
Farwell friends, I will see you in a few months...

Craft Show Tomorrow- Nov. 19th @ 9:00 -4:00

Tomorrow is the big day! If you are needing super cute gifts for Christmas, Baby showers, Birthdays, Weddings, etc... come out tomorrow and shop! There is nothing over $10.00, with most everything $ 7.00 & under. Prices start at .25! It is at the same church as the past 2 years.
Hope to see you guys there!

Craft show...

Craft Show tomorrow- Nov. 19th 9:00-4:00

Grace is reading & writing...

Grace started reading a few months ago and we were completely shocked! Months later she is doing remarkably well for a 4 year old and we are still a little stunned. She's also wring stories, although these are a little harder to understand. Here's her latest one:
Line 1= Once there was a girl.
Line 2= She was trying to get
Line 3= a treasure chest.
Line 4= She finally found it.
Line 5= Then she went home.
Line 6= The End. Bye, Bye.

Not too shabby for a 4 year old without help!


Here's a few random pictures from the past week!

Daisy's Concert...

Daisy & Tristin had their school concerts last night and Wed night. (I didn't make it to Tristin's though- Trav said he did a great job!).)
Daisy did an awesome job singing and even was apart of the solo group. She was pretty nervous, but she warmed up and was great!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

1,000 posts!!! Rake Up Nampa...

I just realized this is my 1000th post! Super fun!

Yesterday was "Rake Up Nampa" day. We met at the kids school at 9:00 AM, ate breakfast and then broke up into teams and went and raked up leaves for the elderly around our neighborhood. It was a lot of fun, really cold & a great thing to have the kids be a part of. We came back to the school a few hours later and had lunch. I won the best tasting chili award- Thank you Nally's for helping me pull it off! It was simple: use can opener to remove 4 lids, dump into crock pot and stir! The kids were given books, coupons and bracelets, it was really sweet of them. We will definatly be helping out each year!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sweet Friends...

It's funny that all my "freaked-out-by-germ" friends have brought me presents lately, they are secretely glad it's me and not them! Just kidding! I just had to say thanks to my sweet friend Lara who brought over tea tree oil body wash today! I was complaining that I was almost out of my entire bottle of oil, so she tried to pick me up some, but instead got the soap! Thanks dear. And my sweet friend Michelle came over close to 10:00 PM last night to bring me a bottle of Sol-U-Mel. I had never used it before, so I was excited to get my squirt bottle on!( Michelle uses it for everything under the sun, and because it is all natural- it's safe for everything, so I've used half a bottle on just about everything I own. )Thanks guys for thinking of me- you know the way to my heart: cleaning supplies and soap!

Wooden blocks...

I have different sizes of wooden blocks.
They vary from $ 1.50 to $ 3.00 each.

Felt Necklaces...

I love these too!
More color combos to come!
$ 2.50 each