Sunday, March 28, 2010

Someone loves rice cereal and pears!

Willow has been loving food these days. She spits a ton out, so it takes forever to feed her, but she's enjoying it! I simply adore her. I was holding her on my chest awhile ago while she was sleeping and I was almost in tears. I just sat there listening to her breathing and feeling her tiny hands and soft skin and thanked my Heavenly father for such a gift. I love my children so much. I am so thankful to be a Mother and I love my husband who is the most amazing help in raising our children.

Ward Chili Cook Off...

So, I have the funniest story to share: (don't let it get too far at church ladies...)
Friday night was our wards annual chili cookoff. Trav signed up to make chili, which I was grateful for, because I was not about to attempt to make it. As the week came closer and his nights quickly filled up with life, church stuff, school- we realized he wasn't going to have time to make the Brazilian chili (or kind of like it) that he was planning. All day Friday I was feeling REALLY guilty for not wanting to make chili. It kept twriling around in my brain, "But I didn't sign up to make it, he did. So why am I feeling guilty for not pulling out my reciepe book and trying something new?"
So, after talking with my friend, she said, "You know Emily, life gets crazy, so if you bring canned chili, who cares, at least you're bringing something." With that, I concluded I would just bring a pot of canned chili and call it good. (Not to be entered in the contest, of course)
About 25 minutes before we had to be at the church, (Trav signed up to be a judge)I threw 6 cans on the stove and statred stirring. Trav came up behind me and started throwing in all kinds of spices, pepper, hot sauce, brown sugar- and who knows what else, because I left and started getting kids out the door. A few minutes later we arrived at the church and found out they had enough judges, so Trav wasn't needed for that. I went to grab us a table and get situated, while Trav entered his chili into the cook off!!! (*** Side note, he DID explain that the base was canned chili, but he made up the rest of the reciepe. After talking it over, they gave him the ok to enter it because he had added/altered it, making it his own.) I had no idea that he entered it until we were going around getting our dinner and I saw a judging number on my brand new pot, so I asked him, "Did you enter the chili?' And he said "yes."
So- can you tell where this long story is going????
Yup, sure enough, Travis won 1st place!!!! We were trying not to die laughing right there in front of everyone, so we all clapped for him as we was awarded the 1st place ribbon. A sweet lady came up to him later and said, "I'll have to get that reciepe from you!" Oh my, we were laughing so hard inside! The funniest part of all is that the chili was bought from the church cannery, of all places!!!