Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tristin's 5th grade graduation...

Today was Tristin's 5th grade graduation! I was really proud of him for also winning the Citizenship award along with 9 other students! Good job Buddy!

Kindergarten Graduation...

Today is Grace's last day of Kindergarten and last week was her graduation. She made it!! And about a mile ahead of her class. Half way through the year she became really bored with school and actually didn't want to go anymore. She already knew everything and was helping all the kids in her class learn everything. They had her going to the 1sr grade class and other classes all the time to help challenge her, but nothing worked. I know she enjoyed school and she loved her teacher, I just wish we would have moved her to 1st grade early on. She's looking forward to Summer and I hope next year is awesome for her!

Happy 13th Anniversary!

We celebrated our 13th Anniversary a few days ago! It consisted of, helping a friend move for several hours, getting the kids to all their overnight sitters, going out to Olive Garden with our gift certificate, picking up a dozen donuts, getting our PJ's on, eating half the box of donuts, hoping in bed at 8:15 and watching a movie. We picked Roman up at about 10 PM and fell asleep after that! We were so tired. On Monday, our actual Anniversary, I layed in bed until 9AM, went to a freinds BBQ, went for a afternoon drive with the kids, helped our friends move some more, picked up a movie and cookies and watched The Voice! We are pretty boring around here anymore. We are like an old couple- always looking forward to bedtime!I'll post our 13 reasons why we love being married list later!