Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy 13th Anniversary!

We celebrated our 13th Anniversary a few days ago! It consisted of, helping a friend move for several hours, getting the kids to all their overnight sitters, going out to Olive Garden with our gift certificate, picking up a dozen donuts, getting our PJ's on, eating half the box of donuts, hoping in bed at 8:15 and watching a movie. We picked Roman up at about 10 PM and fell asleep after that! We were so tired. On Monday, our actual Anniversary, I layed in bed until 9AM, went to a freinds BBQ, went for a afternoon drive with the kids, helped our friends move some more, picked up a movie and cookies and watched The Voice! We are pretty boring around here anymore. We are like an old couple- always looking forward to bedtime!I'll post our 13 reasons why we love being married list later!

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