Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy 11th Birthday Sweet Tristin...

It's crazy to think that exactly 11 years ago almost to the minute,I was giving birth to my sweet boy. Tristin changed my life back then and 11 years later I still adore being his Mama. He puts up with me constantly checking his arm pits for hair, talking about puburity non stop, asking if he likes girls yet, drilling the consequences of drugs and alcohol into his skull, and telling him how kissing will only get him in trouble later in life. I make him kiss my cheek every day and he gets embarressed when I try to hold his hand in public. He's my sweet boy who is amazing me every day with his love for reading, his awesome cooking skills, his love for his family and his home videos where he teaches people how to use his homemade weapons. He is turning into a young man and I'm scared out of my mind that I've messed him up, and then so proud the next minute as he hands me tithing money from his birthday stash. I love him with all my heart and pray that one day he will know all my craziness was done out of 100% love for him. Tristin wanted a Halo party this year and although impossible to find anything party related, I tried to make it happen. It was very low key, with only 6 boys and 3 neighbor kids this year. They had a water ballon fight, egg on the spoon race, wrestled on the tramp, played with squirt guns, frisbees and ran around like wild boys. We had 1 boy show up at 4:30 and then did not leave until 9:00 I thought was kind of strange, when the party was from 6 to 8 pm, but I'm glad I could also be their babysitter tonight! Please let me never become one of those people who takes advantage of people! ( DeArley, I already feel this way with you most of the time, but I know how much you adore the kids, so I'm trying not to feel so bad when you have them so often!)It was a good night, I'm just tired! Off to get the little man down now! Happy Birthday Buddy!

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Jana said...

Happy birthday Tristin! Love that boy.

Also, Em, only YOU would consider '6 boys and 3 neighborhood kids' and all of that coordinating Halo decor 'low-key' :). You're amazing!!