Friday, September 4, 2009

The count down is on...

It is official...
I have 4 weeks left of this wonderful pregnancy! (I'll be induced on the 4th, if I don't go before then! Yeah!!!!)I'm pretty sad though because I'm really going to miss being pregnant. There's just something magical about it all, like: carrying around 500 extra pounds, my back almost breaking in half, my siatic nerve almost killing me, my job that makes me question why I don't have a house cleaner of my own, not sleeping for more than a hour at a time, having strangers touch my belly or make questionable comments about how "to prevent this" next time, tiny little feet jabbing my ribs every 3 seconds, clothes that don't fit, resembling a waddling penguin, consuming enough food to feed a small country, using in sain amounts of toilet paper, guilty weigh ins, puffy hands and feet, head aches that cannot be cured, contractions that take my breath away, the assistance of my husband to help me roll over in bed, comments from my kids that sound like, "Mom, you have a big bum" and glimpes of my self in the mirror that make me question who IS that person staring back at me???

Not that I'm complaining though!!!

Actually, as unpleasant as every second of pregnancy is, I thank Heavenly Father every day for the amazing chance I have to help bring my beautiful babies into the world. I am one of the lucky ones. I love my children without end and I'm very slowly learning why there is a need to sacrafice ourselves for 40 weeks. I believe there is a parralell between that and drawing closer to our Savior who suffered for us. Out of that comes great love and appriciation, all of which, in the end, I am thankful for, as well as a cute little baby that made it all worth it.

So, here's to my last few weeks of pregnancy, which doesn't leave much time for the rest of my canning plans, sewing projects and ever growing To Do list! (did I mention that Trav gets 2 weeks off paid maternity leave??????? 2 weeks!!!!! I was just hoping for a day or 2!

G-pa & Aunt Helene come for a visit!

My Dad & Aunt Helene stayed with us for 2 nights this week and we had a great visit. I didn't take many pictures because of my silly batteries, but I got a few from the park. We had fun eating pizza, watching Daisy eat 500 pieces of pumpkin pie, going to the park, metal detecting with G-pa, visiting the coin shop, shopping at the dollar store, making taco salad and fresh salsa, watching movies & talking! Thanks so much for driving out you guys! We love you!