Monday, April 8, 2013

Salt Lake weekend!

What an awesome weekend we had in Salt Lake for General Confrence! We kept super busy walking around, taking pictures, playing with cousins, eating too much, playing in the hot tub, watching Confrence and going through all the church buildings! DeArley & Daisy were the only ones with confrence tickets, but we all had a lot of fun stating in the hotel and watching from there!. Us girl's had a hotel and Trav & Tristin stayed at his brother's house in West Jordan for the few nights we were there. We were blessed with great weather our first day and then ok weather the rest of the time. It was fun to be back since our 13th Anniversary is in a few weeks and that's were we got married! It was a great weekend, thanks G-ma Green for putting up with us! We hope you have recovered! We love you, thank you for the wonderful memories!