Friday, October 1, 2010


My baby girl turned 1 today!!! I couldn't love her more if I tried. I had no idea there was so much love inside of my body capable of being evenly distributed to 4 kids. I love them all so much for similar reasons and in totally different ways. At 1,Willow is walking all over the place, has 6 teeth, loves suckers, is still nursing, sleeps in her crib most of the time, dances to the theme song from The Office, claps when you say: "Yeah!", gives kisses most of the time when you ask for one, hugs and pats your back at the same time (one of my favorite things!)Smiles and laughs all the time, loves her brother & sisters, loves to feed herself, climbs up anything she can, is 18 pounds, loves to pull her socks off, loves to pull flowers out of her hair & makes me glad to be a Mom.
Happy Birthday Willow!
We will have her party in a few days with family & friends, so more pictures to come!

Angie's baby shower!

I love this girl! I'm so glad she let me throw her a shower too. Everyone helped bring food, which was a huge help, and it turned out great. it always amazes me how many people we can fit in my little house. At one point I counted 17 adults, plus lots of little kids. She received lots of diapers and super cute outfits! Yeah for another baby entering the world! Love you Angie!

Decorations- (For Christy)

Christy, here are the decorations I made that I told you about. Have fun!

Baby Shower decorations- (Christy, this is for you.)

My amazing friend Angie is getting ready to have her baby in a few weeks, so I had to have a baby shower for her. I FIRMLY believe that EVERY woman on the planet deserves a baby shower EVERY time they are pregnant. I think that after months of puking your guts out, being too sick to function, gaining a trillion pounds, aching in places you never knew exsisted, going to the bathroom 50 times a day,swelling in places you never knew could swell, not sleeping for months & attempting to live your normal life on top of that- you should be able to celebrate with your friends & family and recieve cute things for your soon to be adorable baby. Just because you've had 2 girls before doesn't mean you want to dress them in the same spit up-ed onsie and poop stained outfit. So, that is why if you are pregant, my friend, and no one else has offered to throw you a baby shower, I step in. I want eveyone to have the chance to be seen, to feel loved, to get spoiled, to get a few new things and enjoy the last month of pregnancy the best they can.

Love you Angie!

Discovery Center...

(I'm not sure what just happened to my post, but I'll re tpye it- the pictures of Grace are from last week when we went to the Discovery Center for Preschool. She had a lot of fun playing with the different exhibits and it was neat to watch her play. I love my little Gracie Grace.

Grace goes on a field trip...

Last week I curled Daisy's hair before school- she looked amazingly grown up and very pretty. When Grace saw what was happening, she had to join in the fun as well, so here they are with curly hair!

Random pictures...

I've been super busy these past few weeks and way behind in posting- so here is a bunch of random pictures.
*One day last week, Grace dressed Willow in her ballerinaoutfit, but it was inside out- I thought Willow looked pretty funny.

* I admit it- I don't know how to do A LOT of things. Like figure out how to work my apple peeler! It was my first time doing one by myself so naturally, I struggled with it for awhile. After watching a few You tube videos, I was good and had it working in no time. The girls thought it was the most amazing contraption ever!

Tuesday night was game night at the school, so after scouts, we took the kids over to play for a half hour. I just thought Willow looked cute on Tristin's shoulders, she was laughing so much!