Sunday, September 25, 2011

A wonderful evening...

Last night I went to the General Relief Society Broadcast and it was wonderful! Don't you love it when all the talks are especially for you and it seems Heavenly Father knew just what you needed? In my notes I wrote down a few things that jumped out to me, or things that I knew I needed to work on.

Julie B Beck:

* Increase my faith
*Be faithful
*Choose the better part
*Be deeply committed
*Help those in need
*Value the temple
*Protect the home
*Sincerely care
*"It is our caring that counts"
*Strive with faith
*"It is for you to lead the world"
*Serve in unity

Sister Allred

*Enlarge your soul
*Let your heart expand
*Charity never failth
*Pray for the desire to have charity
*Charity is the pure love of Christ
*Feed my sheep
*Embody charity
*do your VT

Sister Thompson

*Stay close to Heavenly Father
*Remember the Savior
*Cleve to your covenants
*Joy & protection will come
*We will be free of sin
*He makes all things well
*Have faith in Christ
*After I die- will their be eveidence of my covenants?
*Greatly rejoice

Elder Uchtdorf
"Forget me not oh, Lord"
1. Be patient with yourself.
-Stop comparing your weakness's to other's strengths
- No one is perfect
-God is fully aware
-Stop punishing yourself
-God notices

2. Good sacrafices/ Foolish sacrafices
- Do what matters most
-Am I committing my time and energy to what matters most?

3. Be happy now.
-Stop searching for your golden ticket
-Do not put your happiness on hold
-There is nothing wrong with righteous desires
-Never stop striving for the best
-Enjoy the everyday moments

4. The 'Why" of the gospel
-sometimes we forget why
-Seek out the joy of the "why"

5. The lord loves you.
(I was balling during this part!)

-I was never forgotten
-I am his child
-He knows me

After the confrence was over, I just sat ther with my friends, Kara & Kristen, talking, crying and resolving to to better. The messages were powerful and I walked away realizing I need to be a better Mother. I need to talk kindly. I need to embrace the everyday moments more. I need to love myself more and remember that the Lord knows me, sees me and truely loves me. some of the struggles I've been facing were answered. Some of my pain was addressed. And what I forget the most was gently and kindly whispered into my heart- mostly that I have never been forgotten.
thank you Lord for an amazing night...