Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thank you thrift store!!! Beating yard sale prices!

This morning after swim lessons, I noticed that the little thrift store a block away was open! I've been wanting to go in for years but it never worked out until today. They had a $ 5.00 fill-a-bag deal. i looked around at Tristin's size first to see if it would even be worth spending $ 5.00. I hardly ever find decent clothes at yard sales for him because boys are rough on clothes at age 9! I noticed there were a ton of tee shirts- exactly what I needed, so we grabbed a bag and the fun began! Over a hour later, we walked out with our bag that we were able to fit 58 pieces of clothing into! Yeah, I'll admit, I'm pretty good at packing things into a small space, I have a Volkswagon, remember!(And the lady told me to fit as much as I could!
I was pretty thrilled! Less than .10 an item! that beats yard sale prices!
Tristin = 17 shirts
Daisy = 10 items
Willow= 12 items (2 still had the tags on them!)
Baby stuff= 10 items
Me= 5 items
Grace= 4 items

5 Ingredient Winner...

I don't know about you guys, but I hate to cook, and I especially hate turning on the oven when it's 85-97 degrees out- so I had to post one of my yummy favorites that is super cheap right now.

Chicken Ceaser Wraps!
Oh yum!

Tortillas= .99 10 ct (at Albertson's right now)
Tillamock cheese= $ 1.00 a bag (at Fred meyer right now)
Chicken= $ 1.99 lb (at Albertsons right now) I used the grilled strips from Costco- but it is way expensive. I got with a coupon a long time ago and just finished the bag.
Ceaser Dressing= hopefully you have a FREE bottle lying around from coupons!
Lettuce= .48 a head (at Albertsons right now)