Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do you know anyone selling a trampoline???

Yesterday was a very sad day- our trampoline started breaking- bad!
When the springs started flying, I yelled- "Get off the tramp!!!"

Needeless to say- we need a tramp ASAP!The kids live on it when they are outside and now we are on the lookout.

Let me know if you see, hear or have one for sale!

A lazy Spring break...

Normally for Spring Break, we are heading off to the coast and then on to Seattle to be with family, but this year we decided to stay home and save a little $.

With the new baby arriving, and the need for a ton of "boring" stuff to buy (like tires and a furnace) we thought we would stay- but oh, how sad I am feeling right now not being with my Mama lounging on the couch talking at 6:00 in the morning, or forcing my G-ma to cook all my favorite foods when we come to stay the night. I am really sad not to be there, but I know it was smart to stay and save. Darn, being responsible!

The kids have been out of school for a week now. Their last day was Wed, followed by 2 great parent/teacher confrences! They are both doing super & still ahead or right where they should be. They are both doing well grade wise, socially, and enjoying school for the most part (Tristin would rather play video games all day, of course)

We have been pretty lazy around here, which has been SUPER nice. Trav's over time schedule has just about killed me the past few weeks. I was up yesterday watching the news at 4:30 AM, but then stayed in bed until 9:00 AM!!! I couldn't believe it! I NEVER do that! Besides waisting half my day it felt like, it was pretty nice to just roll out when ever I felt like it!

When it hasn't been raining, the kids have been playing outside, riding bikes, climbing trees, & jumping on the tramp (which is now offically off limits- because it is falling apart! Add that to the list of stuff to buy!)
I have been working on organizing the storage sheds, food pantry, sewing projects, shampooing carpets, laundry, kids, and feeding my hungry, hungry hippos! I cannot believe how much more they are eating now. Seriuosly, I know it gets worse when they are teeanagers- but holy cow, my kids can eat!

The kids start swim lessons on Monday and it will last the month of April. I wanted to get that done so I could actually rest for 3 seconds after the baby arrived and not feel like I had to get up EVERY morning for 2 weeks to get the kids to lessons with a newborn and a 2 year old to watch at the same time. It just didn't sound fun, so I signed them at the Rec center this year instead- plus it will be indoors! Yeah for that added bonus!