Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blue & Gold Banquet!

Mr Tristin had his Blue & Gold Banquet last week and he did a great job helping with the flag ceromony & skit! He is growing up so fast and somtimes it hurts my heart too much to think about. I am so proud if him for working so hard in Scouts. Yesterday we met with a local engineer and had an interview with him. I was a proud Mama as he sat so grown up asking the stranger in front of him about his career. (He even left the message and then called back to set the appointment, both a little nerve racking- but he did it!) I love you Tristin with all my heart. You were my first little man and I couldn't love you more.

Roman & Cheeto...

Because I have a tiny, tiny heart- I have to let cheeto out to run around, and because it's still too cold outside, it's usually in my kitchen or bathroom. I always wait until I'm about to wash the floor, and then I let him run around- next I wash it like crazy. Roman has been pretty grumpy these days because he's teething, so to cheer him up, I took cheeto out to play. Roman loved it and Cheeto came around after awhile!It was pretty cute.