Sunday, July 5, 2009

Grace is potty trained...

(Thankfully, no picture)
Grace has been working on the potty for over a year now and has done really well on and off, but the last 6 months, she's just got in tune with her body and it all clicked, she's been doing awesome! I must admit, she is adorable to watch and she's so proud of herself! Yeah for less diapers!

Daisy had her first sleep over!

(Sorry no picture)
I just had to thank my friend Angie for having Daisy over Thursday night for her 1st sleep over! She had a blast. She and Maddie ADORE each other and by the next day, we almost had to peal them off of each other! Thanks Angie!

4th of July fun...

We had a really nice day yesterday. Trav works on Saturday's, so I had to entertain the kids until 5:00 (of course I would have guilty just staying home, so I had to think of fun 4th of July things to do with them). We woke up bright and early and made it to the church at 8:00 AM for their annual 4th of July breakfast and had a fun time. Then we went home for a hour and rested, packed a lunch, loaded up the van and went to Caldwell for their celebration in the park. I had no idea where I was going, but we found it and had a lot of fun. We walked around and looked at the military tanks, the old cars, the vendors, played in the bouncy house, made craft projects, ate cotton candy, listened to the live music & got wet in the fire truck water. It was pretty hot, so after 2 hours, I was done and ready to get in my air conditioned car/house! (My batteries were dead, so I wasn't able to take pictures)
Trav came home after 5:00 and we had a low key evening. We didn't have anything planned with family or friends this year, so we had a little BBQ, ate ice cream and did our fire works by ourselves this year. Daisy & Tristin LOVED the fireworks, but Grace was still scared of them and either cried half the time or had her ears plugged. (She did LOVE the pop it's though!)