Saturday, November 7, 2009

Integrity, people!

You know when you want something really bad and the thought of it just doesn't leave you alone? You know how you think about it all day, fighting in your mind that you really don't need it, but that it would just be fun to have? You know when you finally commit to buy it and you feel all warm inside and can't wait to hold it in your hands? And then you drag your 4 kids with you because you are actually salivating over it? And then you wait 30 minutes in the parking lot with kids going wild in the car until it's baked and then drag everyone inside just to wait longer for it and you are questioning yourself if it was worth it? But you remind yourself how wonderful it will taste and how calories are over rated to begin with. And then you pay for it, herd your children back out the door of the germ infested place, open the box just to take in the aroma- to find this staring back at you!
Really? I just wasted 45 minutes of my life for this? I was so mad last night as I drove away with my burnt pizza. I just shook my head in disappointment, looked at the kids and then wondered if it was worth dragging them all back inside, just to wait forever in line again, to be told it would take another 40 minutes to bake another one, and then wait for it while I cringed as I watched the kids playing with the greesy video games to kill the time? No. I decided it wasn't worth it, so I went home and showed Trav. " Ohmigosh" he said disgustedly. So I called and explained the situation and they offered us another pizza for free- which of course would take another 40 minutes, and naturally, we would have to go pick it up-again! I thought it was kind of funny because someone looked at that pizza, sliced it into 8 pieces, thought it was okay, closed the lid and then slapped my name on it for me to pick up. Where's the integrity, people? (it looked a lot worse in person! I think the flash gave it a nice cheesy glow because it didn't look that great, believe me!)