Sunday, May 24, 2009

Breaking the Sabbath & Immodest clothing...

It's 9:00 am, and the girls are already in their immodest bathing suits (with straps falling down and tiny bums showing), running around in the sprinklers. Yes, it's Sunday, and no, I am not making them stop. Sorry, Lord for breaking 2 of the rules by 9:00 in the morning, but we'll be at church soon!

Warning! Object may appear larger in real life! Me at 20 weeks!

Yeah, I'm half way done with this pregnancy and I've been busy getting things done so I can focus on canning this year! I just can't wait! I/we have been so busy for the past while, and my feet ache every day, but I'm happy that we are almost done with our huge list of things to do! Now it's mostly canning supplies!
(I've come to terms with my round "back side" but how funny that it is as round as my tummy! Oh joy! I'm so glad I pointed that out to everyone!)

We bought bunk beds 3 months ago
Bought our van a few weeks ago
Received an almost new car seat from Maren (THANK YOU!!)
Bought a baby seat/swing thing
Have my 3 month supply of diapers & wipes
Had Tristin's B-day party yesterday
Got most of my Christmas presents done/wrapped
Have been buying canning jars (103!)
Planted the garden
Cut down trees in the back yard
Planted raspberry plants
Worked on more food storage
Bought school clothes & back pack for Tristin for next year (2nd grade!)
Signed the kids up for swim lessons last month
Priced most of my stuff for the yard sale
Took care of shots and dentist appointments
Bought a deep freezer
Bought a food dehydrator

Need clothes if it's a boy (will be different seasons, darn)
Need a 2 burner stove
Want to find 2 more canning pots
Want more jars
and a apple sauce making thingy

Tristin's 7th Birthday Party!

Yesterday Tristin turned 7 and he couldn't wait for his party to begin! It was really low key this year... we just had a BBQ, a few games, presents, cupcakes, and then the kids just played for 2 hours in the pool, on the trampoline, the swing set, hammock & with water balloons. Tristin had fun either way, he didn't know that I didn't "go all out" this year, it has been so busy and will get even busier right now with our Anniversary, school getting out, ballet, the fundraiser, the yard sale and then leaving for our trip- I've just been feeling overwhemled, so I thought, this is not the year to drive myself insain with a party! I still can't believe how fast he grew up... I love you Buddy.

(I had to laugh when I started adding up how much this party cost!
FREE hot dogs, FREE capri Suns, .25 cake mix & .17 frosting for the cupcakes, .39 hot dog buns, chips from Costco (not on sale), clearanced $ 1.00 party decorations & .25 candy with candy from Winco for the party favors, not too bad!)