Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yes, I am Alive!!!!!

Holy cow, it's been a month since I last posted, which tells you something: I've been busy! We came home from Montana and then had 3 weeks to prepare for our coast/Seattle trip.The days just flew by and I didn't get Tristin's party pictures posted either. Here's what we've been up to:

*We had a yard sale at my house (lots of work!)
*I taught my frugal living class at church.
*I taught my lesson at church.
*We bought all of Tristin's scouting stuff so he would be ready when we came home.
*Tristin had a music concert at school and did a super job!
*Tristin turned 8, so we had to have a Iron man birthday party!
*We FINALLY recieved our last insurance check, and yes our kitchen is still torn apart!
*I signed the kids up for swim lessons.
*We left for vacation on Tristin's birthday.
*Trav and I celebrated our 10th wedding Anniversary while on our trip!
*We went to Seaside & Seattle for 9 days!
*My Brother, Eli got married & the kids were in the wedding ( Daisy & Grace were flower girls & Tristin the ring bearer- They did awesome too!!)
*Willow tured 8 months old and is getting her first tooth!
*I got a pedicure with my Mama!
*Daisy starts T-ball tonight.
*Today was Tristin's last day of school.
*We are preparing for Tristin's baptism.
*We have driven over 3,000 miles this past month... and we are offically tired.

... I'll post pictures soon. I had to work the morning after we got back, run errands,un pack, clean out the van, grocery shop, and LOTS of laundry- so now that I'm almost done, I'll have a little more free time to get pictures up. (But not all 175 that I took!)