Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pears, pears & more pears...

The past 3 days Angie & I have canned 132 quarts of pears, and I wish I could say we were finished- but I'm still waiting on 1/2 a bushel to ripen. (This picture is just my 83, I'll probably get 7-10 more jars) Wow, are we tired- but how great it feels to look at all the jars and know that my family will have yummy fruit and my baby will have home made baby food. It's been a busy few weeks, but lots of fun. Thanks Angie!

We've canned 314 jars
And made 141 bags of frozen food

That calls for an I HOP celebration!

My little man is not so little any more...

It seems like just yesterday that Tristin was born, but here he is all grown up and in 2nd grade. How in the world did 7 years fly by right before me? Now he's walking to school with friends, losing teeth, reading by himself, doing math problems faster than I can, starting to "ask questions" about life, wanting to dress himself, doesn't want me to see his underware, and just the other day out of the blue asked if I was "going to divorce Dad?" What??? Where did that come from? (And no trav and I are great, actually!)I love this little guy.