Monday, April 11, 2011

A heart breaking moment...

Tristin & I have been having a few problems lately about the computer and he has been restricted from it for a few days because every time I told him he couldn't play for the day- I would find him on it later, with the excuse, "Oh I forgot"! I know I am a strict Mother and I follow through with what I say, which isn't always fun, but I also know, and my kids know, how much I love them too.
Last night after a "moment", I was really frustrated and left the room. I was getting the girls ready for bed when I went back in for something. He was holding a picture of him and I to his chest and he said, "Mom, do I make your life a living (and then he pointed down as to refer to Hell). He started to cry and I said, "Oh buddy, of course not." The tears fell faster and I climbed up on the top bunk and scooped him up.
He cried for awhile and I was trying not to let him see mine as well. I made him look right into my eyes and I told him how much I loved him, how my life was better because he was in it, how he was my boy, how proud I was of him, how I knew I don't get all the explosions and weapon stuff, but that I loved everything about him. I told him I knew he had a wonderful heart which is why I expected a lot from him at times. We talked about choices and how I wanted him to be happy in life but how I did expect him to follow directions. I told him that I knew I got angry sometimes and that I needed to work on that, but that he could work on following directions too. I told him funny stories about when he was little and we were laughing by the end- but it broke my heart.
To think he thought he was making my life a living Hell, just hurt my heart. I just held him and rocked him until the tears were gone. He is my little man who I couldn't love more. I was reminded how soft my children are, how we all are really. I was reminded that while I need to continue to be loving and firm, I need to make sure I stop and hold him a little bit longer too.

To be a boy...

I have to admit, Tristin is pretty out numbered in this house- with 4 girls surrounding him! The past few days he has been training to be an assisian. That's right, you heard me. So, while I try not to be bothered by his sword drawings during school and his weapon making stations in the back yard, I surely didn't like the sound of wanting to become that! As parents, we hope they aspire to something better than killing people! I told him to go do a service project instead, but that didn't sound as fun aparently!
I had to laugh when I came across this list he started:

To be an Asasen (with a knife dripping blood)

1. hafe to have at lest 2 knifes and 1 pistol.

Last night I asked Trav about his behavior and I asked: is it typical boy stuff?" In which he replied, "Yup."
So, there you have it folks...

Even monkey's fall from the trees sometimes...

I think all my kids have been climbers, but Grace, even at 4, is ALWAYS climbing on things. When she was climbing on top of the crib railings the other day, I told her to get down- (but you know how well that goes over)Seconds later there was a crash followed by horrible crying. Long story short- she got a pretty good shiner!
...and she has admitted " I hate that stupid crib."

My 5 year love affair...

For the past 5 years there has been another love in my life... my super cute, adorable, and working retro fridge! I bought it 5 years at a yard sale for $ 40.00 and have been happily in love for years now... until a few days ago...
Long story short- it stopped working. (Insert horrible crying here!)
My neighbor came over to check it out (he does comericial refrideration) and let me know that the compressor was shot, but that he would bring his tools over this week & assess the damage. It's either fixable, or sadly might have to leave me and find another home AKA: the dump!
although we don't have a diagnoses yet, apart of me knows what the Dr will say, so I am super sadly dealing with the loss of my fridge. I have ADORED this thing for years now and before, wanted one for YEARS! And who finds one at a yard sale for $40.00 anyway???

While I am a kabillion times grateful for our "second fridge" brought in from the shed, that is working great but super ugly totally huge & crazy loud- I WANT MY OTHER FRIDGE BACK!!! ( The pictures are of the ugly fridge) I miss it already and it's only been on the porch for 2 days now. (Again, I am SUPER thankful, I'm just sad that my kitchen won't be complete now with all things retro!) Who knows, it might work out, we will see. These things sell on Ebay for $ 2500.00 and not even super cute ones like mine! So you see my sad, sad predicament- I will probably never own one again. (Unless the Yard sale angels once again come through for me!)
So if you hear or see a white retro fridge any where for under $ 100 and you don't want it for yourself- send it my way!