Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is a breastfeeding post, so Jared & Dad- don't read...

***I only know 2 men that look at my blog- my Dad and Jared Pratt- so I'm warning you- stop reading now***

Over the past 6 months I've laughed out loud as I've caught myself "multi tasking" while breastfeeding. I know I'm not the only Mom who:

*Nurses while on the computer/ blogging
*Nurses while crafting
*Nurses while talking on the phone
*Nurses while making dinner
*Nurses while picking up the house
*Nurses while visiting teaching
*Nurses while taking a bath
*Nurses on the side of the road , in the car while yard sale-ing
*Nurses while eating out
*Nurses while sleeping
*Nurses while going to the bathroom (Ok, maybe I'm the only one)
*Nurses while laying on the hammock
*Nurses while watching The Office
*Nurses while making snacks
*Nurses at the dinner table
*Nurses while your tax lady is over
*Nurses at the park
*Nurses while going fishing with 2 poles in hand

I just had to laugh at my amazing breastfeeding skills! Who knew? What are some of yours???

A family picture...

Max took a picture of the fam on Sunday, and the kids had to have their 'silly picture."

Going Fishing...

Over the past year I have adopted a motto that I think the universe could/should practice a little more often: "IT ISN'T ABOUT ME." Meaning, when I'm too tired to go the park and it's 70 degrees out and the kids have been in the house all day and they've asked polietly 500 times- I say to myself, " Emily, this isn't about you being tired, besides, you're always exausted. This is about your kids wanting to go run outside, play on the swings and try despretely to cross the monkey bars by themselves. Another example: Me not wanting to make dinner. It isn't about me not being creative enough to whip something up or about the mess it will make or how long it will take- it's about feeding my family! it's about me signing up to be a Mother and doing what I'm supposed to do! I'm noticing that about 90% of the things I do in my life, are things that I have no desire to do, no ambition to complete or what I would likely be doing if I had free time. I mean, who really enjoys doing 5 loads of laundry a day? My point is sometimes we have to forget about ourselves and just do something for someone else because of the joy it will bring them. We are such selfish people and rarely put our needs last and other's first. So, remember, when those little hands are pulling on your shirt to go to the park and you are so tired you can't remember what day of the week it is, pack them up and go play. You'll always be tired. There will always be laundry to fold, but pretty soon those little hands won't be there tugging on your shirt to play- they will be gone, and you'll be standing on your sparkling clean floor wondering where the time went.

(This was written for me to re read a 1000 times a day...)

A day with the cousins...

Sunday after church, we drove up to Idaho City to celebrate 3 of the cousins birthday's! The kids had so much fun playing together outside in the creek behind their house. They were almost in tears as we had to make the long trip back home. Happy Birthday Andrew, Saeli & Caprial- we love you!

The dry-out is complete!

I was excited to hear last night that the dry out was complete, so we could get started on the kitchen. Our goal for today is to get the wall reinsulated and patched. Lowes, here we come...