Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Loving my calling...

Being in the Relief Society Presidency is a lot of work, but I love it! I also love that I'm still over the activities because I love a good party! Without a committee, though, it's a little rough planning one of our biggest activities with 1 other person who isn't even on the committee anymore but is just being a sweet heart and still helping 1 more time! I just had to thank Emily K. and Teena S. for helping with 100 invites yesterday! It seriously would have taken me about 15 hours by myself! (not to mention stopping every 3 seconds to split up a fight, switch laundry or nurse a baby!) It took 5 hours with the 3 of us, so THANK YOU ladies for making my life so much easier!!!

Willow's party at the Walkers!

Little Miss Willow was invited to her own party at the Walker's house and she was so excited to go! She made her Valentine's all by herself too! Look at how awesome she does for a little cutie who just turned 3 a few months ago! For some reason though, when she got there, she turned ultra shy and didn't participate for quite some time.Infact, while all the other girls were decorating their picture frames, Miss Willow pants decided she wasn't havin' it and didn't do anything! Oh well, she warmed up at the end and started playing. Playing so much that she didn't even stop to use the bathroom and decided to pee in her pants instead! Awesome!

Grace's school Valentine party!

Last week I helped out in Grace's class during their Valentine party! It's a good thing I did too, because I was the only parent and it was a little crazy over at the glitter heart station I was helping at! I love glitter, don't get me wrong, but not when 25 little hands are squeezing, pulling and shaking the bottle with all their might! It got wild. So crazy I didn't even get more pictures of the party! All I can say is bless every teacher's heart. They are amazing. They are under appriciated. They are angels sent straight from Heaven. They are magical people and they posess something I lost a long time ago. I think they will have sparkly places in Heaven because what they do, prepare for, and put up with is insain! After 2 hours I was done! I couldn't handle the loud voices, the crowding into my personal space, the whinning, arguing, the nose picking, the crazy kid running circles around the table, the head scratching (because I invisioned lice going to town on their scalps!) and all the crazyness of the classroom. It was intense! Kindergarten opens your eyes to a new world and I was happy to exit the building at 3:10!

Mess Therapy...

After the past month we have had with buying huge new appliances for our home, it's no surprise that a new dishwasher is next on the list! ( and soon our dryer, it's making CRAZY sounds!)It started 6 months ago, and now it's almost impossible to get the thing started! Seriously, after 2 years of having it??? Why don't they make things like they used to???

Excited to try!!!

A few days ago I saw these little beauties at WalMart! I picked them up and put them down. Picked them up and put them down. They looked SO good! I didn't buy any that day and it was wrong of me because for the next 24 hous, thats all I could think about! I had to return and get them so I could return to normal brain function again! Can't wait to try them! I'll let you know!