Friday, March 7, 2008

My little Gracie...

Grace looked so cute yesterday taking her nap. I had one of those, what I call,
"Mommy moments" and just stood there watching her. My heart melted and I had to catch my breath, she looked so perfect. Thank you Lord...

Happy 29th Birthday Tammy!

One of my best friends just turned 29 so we celebrated a few nights ago. I'm never in any of the pictures, so just in case you want to see how I haven't changed a bit, here you go!

And, another one...

Here's another shot of the party!

Here's just a few of the princess's

They looked adorable all dressed up.

Happy 3rd Birthday Daisy!

Daisy had a princess party this year (Feb. 9th) and it turned out great. We had over 30 people for the big bash ( I just closed my eyes and tried to breath deeply). She had a blast. For the past month now, she has told me at least 3 million times how she wants to do it again. We don't quite have the "time thing" down yet, so she doen't have a clue what " we'll have to wait until next year, means." Lots of fun!

"Whatever it is, I want to eat it!"

Grace was loving the snow for the first minute or two until she started eating the snow and realized how cold it was. I grabbed this one before the whinning started.

Another snow day!

Like most of you, we had a MASSIVE amount of snow this year. I won't even start complaining, so instead, here's one of Daisy and Tristin snuggling to keep warm.

And, don't forget the bow...

What's a birthday without a big huge bow on your head?

Happy Birthday again Grace

These are completely out of order because her b-day was December 22nd, but I forgot to get one of her/me opening her presents! We can't forget the loot!

Grace gets a NEW toy!!!

Everyone who knows me, knows yard sales are my life, which means, I NEVER buy new toys. Believe me, I sanitize the heck out of them (like I even needed to explain that) anyway, I "splurged" and bought a new toy for Grace. So in honor of my monumental occasion, I have it documented for all of you! Yahooooo.....

New Christmas Pj's (and our super serious faces!)

I don't even remember what the kids were doing in this shot, I think they were striking a pose of some sort, but it turned out looking like a shot that could be used for a prune juice/constipation add. Lookin' good there Daisy!

Christmas Eve Night...

These are the moments when being a Mama is so wonderful. Tristin wrote a quick note to Santa on Christmas Eve and Daddy (I mean, Santa) replied back ( and ate most of the cookies, naturally). And you can thank my crazy Mom for the rediculious looking cookie plate!

I am computer challenged! But Merry Christmas anyway!

Don't laugh at me, I am just a silly girl who can do 4 1/2 things on the computer: type, print,
e mail, sell on e bay and attempt to keep a blog. Anyway. this is what you can expect from me. Sideways pictures, entries with no pictures, moths at a time with no updates and several other irratating things yet to come (like A LOT of spelling errors)
This was taken at our ward Christmas party and is the only picture of the kids with Santa! It was a fun night!

Happy 1st Birthday Grace!!

Well, another month has passed and I have been trying not to feel ashamed of myself for not posting pictures, but I really couldn't do it! But, God was feeling sorry for me and you (for not seeing cute pictures of the kids) and blessed us all. At last, I can post pictures ( yes, that was plural, in hope another one follows, but no promises here.)
Here is our little Grace all grown up and enjoying her special day. She is of course going on 15 months already and is such a doll. She started walking 3 days after her birthday and as the saying goes... "The rest is history"