Friday, June 3, 2011

A wonderful visit with Grammy & G-pa...

We had a WONDERFUL time with Grammy & G-pa, I just wish they would have stayed 1 more day! We had a lot of fun yesterday- after they showed up, we ran a few errands, ate breakfast at Mc Donalds and then drove out to the "peacock park" to show them around. The rain stopped and we had a great time there- my grandparents loved it, but I think anyone who goes there does, it's an amazing place! We drove back home, put Willow down, ate ice cream cones, let G-pa take a nap too while I showed G-ma hundreds of pictures on the blog (she had to get caught up a little- she doesn't have a computer anymore!)
When Trav came home, the boys went and played golf! G-ma & I sat and talked for hours while we worked on wrapping my yarn wreath (boy, those things take a long time to wrap!)
It was great to sit and visit (not that we don't talk on the phone several times a week though!)
At 6:45- we left for G-pa Max's dinner & party. Edith made a wonderful dinner and we stayed and visited with them and the cousins for a few hours. We left at 9:00, drove G-ma & G-pa back to their hotel and said goodbye with lots of hugs, pictures and tears.
It was a wonderful visit and we are so happy they came. We couldn't love them more if we tried! G-ma called me at 5:51 AM to tell me they were on the road... I'm thrilled they got a cell phone and I'm glad I figured out how to program everyones #'s in it too, now I won't stress out on their drive home!

At the Park...