Thursday, September 18, 2008

Handing it over to Heavenly Father...

A few weeks ago Trav's company (EDS) was bought out by HP. We, being silly people thought it was going to be a great thing, possibly advancement possibilities, pay raises (you know, all those things we dream about), but a few days ago we found out that it was probably not going to be so great for us. HP is now laying off over 25,000 people here in the next while. Of course we don't have a clue what is going on and if he will have a job next week or next month, which is why I'm asking for some prayers in our direction. You know me, I don't ask for much, and I'm not even asking that he keeps his job, what I'm asking for from the Lord is peace. I worry about everything on the planet, but I can't change what is to come. I can't wave my magic wand and make it the way it should be. But this time, I just handed it over to him and said "I trust you."
That is something I've probably only done twice before in my entire life.
I needed the oppertunity to grow closer to him, to lean on him and to trust more fully, and not that this is happening because of that, it's just amazing that how when we ask for something, we usually get it. I've been amazed as well by when I have moved out of the Lord's way, stopped controling the universe and just let him do his work, amazing things have happened.
I cannot change the outcome, and we might get lucky for awhile, who knows, what I do know is that God loves me beyond words, he is aware of my needs and even when things are uncertain and the worry is about to swallow us alive, he is there to help pull us back to solid ground. No matter what happens, I trust that we will be taken care of. We always have been and I know we always will be.

" There's nothing wrong Mom, I'm just going to change my underware..."

So, Tristin just came in from playing outside with his friends and said to me in passing, "Don't worry Mom, there's nothing wrong, I'm just going to change my underware."
With our past week of direaha, & vomit, my mind went to an unpleasant place and I stumbled, "Okay, then Bud, why do you need to change your underware?" "Oh, so I can be a cool kid." (Then showing me his underware) he says, "because these are not boxers. Cool kids wear boxers. Jacob is wearing them so I want to wear them too and be a cool kid." Well, alrighty then... how do I argue with that? Just one of those funny moments with my beautiful 6 year old boy!