Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blessing bags...

I saw this idea on Pinterest awhile back and we did it for FHE this week. Instead of giving $ out to homeless people or those on the side of the road, you give them a blessing bag filled with food and other treasures! We put a ton of stuff in each one: oranges, crackers, water, juice, peanuts, raisins, granola bars, tuna fish tooth brush/paste, floss, deodorant, paper, pen, fork, napkin, toilet paper, fruit snacks, candy, chapstick, shampoo, lotion and a note from our family. I loved the idea and now we just keep 1 in each car ready to hand out if we see someone in need. Thought I would pass it along!

The girl's begin piano lessons!

Brother Weyman at church is also the kids music teacher at school, so we decided to get the girl's signed up to take lessons from him for part of their Christmas present. They got a full sized keyboard for a present, and then my super sweet Papa sent 2 months worth of lesson $ for them! Mr. Weyman is honestly one of the greatest teachers I have ever known and the girls are super excited to start learning!

Chelsea and the twins come for a few visits...

These were taken on 2 seperate occasions when Chelsea and the twins came to visit! The one on the couch was last month (or end of Nov?) and the one of them in the bathroom "cleaning" the mirror with soap was a few days ago! I love you Chelsea and thanks for coming to hang out!