Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grace starts Kindergarten tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day for Miss Gracie pants. Yesterday we went and met her teacher and took a tour of the school. We met her teacher last Thursday when we went to meet the big kids teachers.( Mrs Thomas reminds me 100% of you Christy! I have found your long lost sister- and it was SO WEIRD! You guys sound exactly the same, You are both adorable, wear the cutest, tinest clothes, are the size of my pinky, are super sweet and I felt like I had spent a hour hanging out with you!!! We even talked about IKEA) She will be the perfect match for Grace and she is BEYOND ready! She's been reading for the longest time, writing her own songs and stories and has been ready to go to school FOREVER now! I'm excited for her to have something just for her. I love you Gracie Grace!

A good week...

I love Albertson's. I loved their round up coupons this past week too! If you are not a couponer, you can do it!
Candy bars were .18 each, milk was & 1.28, butter .12, Rips were .48 each, bread was $ 1.00 at Honks Dollar store, Dial soap was FREE, paper totwels were free, trix yogurt was .97 each, Minute maid juice boxes were .97 each, suave deodorant was free & today at Albertson's chocolate milk was marked down to $ 1.50 and I had a .75 printable!, Orange juice was marked down to .28 and was free with Everyday Ess coupon! Chex mix was .40 with printable, dressing was .50 each (which I needed and was willing to pay for this time!)Thanks for a great week Albertson's & Walmart!

Family Home Evening...

Trav & I do pretty good with FHE, but we recently talked about how we need to spend a little more time & effort planning our lessons and getting the kids more involed because they are getting older. EVERY time we have it, our activity afterwards is "exercise" and every time after that, the kids and Papa do the "bridge". It's basically where everyone makes a bridge and one person gets to crawl underneath and then they rotate turns. When it comes to Trav, the kids know what happens next- total chaos and destruction as Papa crawls underneath lifting each one of them in the air! They love it, they laugh, they ask to do it again and then they are as hyper as can be as we try to get them to settle down and get ready for bed. Just had to get all the exciting action!