Sunday, April 20, 2008

G-pa & Gracie just hanging out...

After an Easter dinner at Mom's all you can do for a few hours afterwards, is sit back and relax. The food is amazing (thank you G-ma and Mom!) but you stuff yourself because you just can't stop. Here's my G-pa, who I adore, sitting with Grace. I love everything about him, especially his smile.

Uncle Jacob, April & the kids

Here's a cute shot of my brother and his girlfriend April. It was my first time meeting April (although Mom & G-ma filled me in for months on their "love life") and she was a doll, very sweet and just perfect for my brother.

We love Skip & Sandy

Skip & Sandy are part of the family. They've been friends with Mom & Brent for a billion years now and I love seeing them every time I come home. Sandy is one of the sweetest ladies you'll ever meet and Skip is one of the nicest guys I know. Love you guys!

Uncle Jesse & Aunt Sara

Here's my silly brother, Jesse, givin' a little love to Sara (his girlfriend of 9 years?)
I love these two because they are madly in love with each other. Every time Jess talks about her, you can hear the love just seeping out of him, it's beautiful.

Avery & Mariah

Here's a picture of my niece Avery (on left) with Mariah, on Easter.

Uncle Caleb tickiling the kids

Too bad you can't see his cute face, but Uncle caleb is hiding behind his hat. He will be a wonderful Daddy one day. He adores the kids. It was great to hang out with him. (Caleb, I still want your polka dot sweatshirt!)

Uncle Jacob hates pictures, but look how cute he is!

Tristin loves his Uncle's. Here he is with Uncle jacob right after the Easter egg hunt. We just wish we had more time with everyone.

Tristin stopped during the hunt to pose for a picture!

Tristin is growing up, what can I say? He looked so cute looking for eggs, he had so much fun.

Daisy found an egg!

Daisy was somewhat shocked when she found this one!

Let the hunt begin ....

Here's a shot of Grace getting ready to look for Easter eggs.

Good morning Tristin!

Tristin found his basket in the hallway closet.

Daisy found her basket!

Daisy was so excited to find her basket hiding under the covers! Thanks G-ma, I mean, Easter Bunny!

Dying Easter eggs with G-pa Brent!

The kids LOVED dying Easter eggs with G-pa this year, he's still a kid at heart!

Grandma April reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit

The kids had never heard these stories (my Mom loves them and has been collecting them for years) so they loved it every night we were there because G-ma would read another story from her collection. They love their bed time stories.