Sunday, August 7, 2011

We didn't get attacked by bears ( Part 2)...

We just got back about 2 hours ago from our camp out with Trav's parents. We went to Bull Trout Lake and had a wonderful time. The drive up was dreadful as we drove 80 miles up into the mountains with windy roads and the most frightening cliffs imaginable. I was NOT ok with the stretch from Idaho City to Lohman. I was crying, I was not breathing well- I WAS FREAKING OUT!!!, but Travis, bless his heart, was driving really slow for me, and calling it my "Fear management weekend". I cannot express how awful it was or how thrilled I was to finally be at the camp ground 3 1/2 hours later. After we got there and I relaxed a little- things were better.
We had a great time fishing, going on a raft in the lake, eating G-ma's amazing food, playing Go Fish & Yahtzee, going on walks, resting, watching the kids ride bikes and playing in the dirt, eating Smores and hanging out.
Trav & I didn't sleep very well because both nights the girls had freak-outs, and serious potty issues that kept us up plus it was really cold, but we all survived and had fun!
We are glad to be home, we have all had showers, I've done 2 loads of laundry so far and now it is bed time! I cannot wait to hop in bed, put the Office in and drift off to sleep without fearing we will be attacked by wild animals!
We are looking forward to another camp out this weekend, although I am tired of the insain amount of laundry camping produces!
Wish us luck as we venture out again in a few days!