Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's a...

If you look at the 2nd picture, there is no mistaking his "boy parts."
I dropped the girls off at G-ma's house and headed over to my appointment at 9:45. It was just me this time which was fine- by the 5th, I care, but it didn't matter too much that Trav wasn't there, they didn't have an afternoon app, so I had to take what I could get.

Everything went great, he looks healthy, all the organs look super and there are 5 toes at least on the foot that I saw! I couldn't stop smiling the rest of the app, I just kept thinking- another little man! But what will I do with him??? I know girls. I do pink. And flowers. But I guess I better figure out the boy thing before he gets here!

Organizing on a budget...

When we sold Grace's bed- we lost 3 valuable drawers that held A TON OF STUFF. I looked at Target for some cute bins, but knew $ 30.00- 40.00 was NOT in the budget, so I had to do some rearranging in the laundry room. I took out my cute canvas totes and put 4 of those under the bunk bed to hold: dress up clothes, Daisy's stuff, Grace's stuff & willow's stuff. It worked great- but then I needed something for the laundry room, so I looked at my wrapping stash and found a super close match, wrapped up some diaper & popcorn boxes and caled it good! I also picked up a few pink bins from the dollar store. And it only cost $ 4.00!

***So, for all your Spring cleaning & organizing projects- don't forget to wrap boxes instead of spending a fortune! (Cute labels are in the works!)

These are the canvas bins that were in the laundry room- but are now under the bed. (Yeah, the picture in bad- but the girls were sleeping when I took it)

Here are the wrapped boxes & dollar store bins.

She looks good...

I haven't found anything on Daisy in forever now- please Lord, PLEASE let us be done!

We sold the bed...

When we bought bunk beds, i knew I would have to sell Grace's super cute bed that I bought years earlier at a yard sale. I hated to see it go- but it didn't look so cute anymore taking up the entire living room- so thanks to craigslist, it was sold by 8:15 AM!

What else do you do?

What else do you do when it's the morning of your ultrasound, your husband has to get up a hour early for overtime (at 3:45 AM!), heartburn has already set in, the wiggle worm has hicups, you lay there unable to go back to sleep, but you dread crawling out of bed at that insain hour???

... you do it anyway- and...

take a shower
do some laundry
and some dishes
hop online and look at pinterest
get back on your blog to post some pictures
contemplate getting back in bed
get the diaper bag ready & by the door
write thank you's
eat breakfast
then eat again
wish you were sleeping
but the dryer is too loud
and your daughter wakes up at 5:05 AM
and you completely surrender to the fact you will never sleep again.