Thursday, November 7, 2013


I love my life. I really do. It's what I always wanted and every once in awhile I have to stop and pinch myself! What more could I want? (Well, a few things... but I wont go there!) Seriously, Trav is about as great as it gets, we have a van full of crazy monkeys we always wanted, the house is full and loud and we have the gospel in our lives. We live in a free counrty, we have running cars, we have food, friends, family near by, healthy kids, good schools a dishwasher, a vacuume, a washer & dryer- we are good! I've just been overwhelmed lately with my life and how the Lord has blessed us. We struggle everyday in a hundred ways, but even in those crazy, dark or unsure moments, I look around and see just how much I do have. It's easy to point out what we lack- Sure, a bigger house would rock because we have maxed this one out, a job that payed more would be super awesome, and a bunch of other things- but pretty often lately, I have thanked the Lord for the mound of dirty dishes in my sink, the puddles of water on the bathroom floor after bath time, the toys all over the house, the never ending laundry and trying to remember everyone's schedules- it means we are doing a few things right. Today I feel blessed to have the messes and a bunch of kids- it's what I've always wanted.

Trav is amazing!

My husband has amazing skills. Honestly, super impressive.I don't know too many men who can take a ball of yarn and a staple gun and make a spider web in 45 minutes with no pattern, grid or help of any kind. I was happy when Trav made his web again this year because he didn't last. Everyone comments on it when they walk up and I just get to smile and say, "Yeah, Trav is amazing!" Way to go cute man!

Fun at G-pa's!

It's been great having G-pa here and everyone loves going to his new apartment!

Birthday pie...

We went over to Trav's parents on Sunday for a super yummy dinner. His Dad made his first apple pie and I thought it was beautiful enough to take a picture. One of these days I'll find the photo of my first pie, it was awful-so I had to document it's awesome-ness!

Tristin's Overnighter...

Last weekend, Tristin informed his Dad that he wanted to go on the over-nighter by himself. He kindly told his Pops he didn't want to hurt his feelings, which I don't think it did because Trav was horribly exhausted, but I have to admit, I was kind of shocked. Brother Murphy lives around the corner and a bunch of other Dads were there, so I didn't worry, I guess he's growing up and we are becoming less appealing!He also made a super cool stool the other night at Scouts!