Monday, March 19, 2012

My Mama's hope chest...

I know I posted before- but when my Mom & step Dad bought a new house, they had to down size- BIG TIME! Lucky for me, I inherited a few of my long time treasures, like my Mom's hope chest that she's had for a zillion years! I grew up seeing this every day and it makes me miss my Mama every time I look at it in my house now.

I didn't want to hurt her feelings- but the brown and navy just wern't my thing- but I didn't want to alter it too much either and change it too drastically. I LOVE Home Fabrics and went Saturday to check out the fabric to recover the top. I was so happy when I found one of my favorite vintage- looking prints for $ 4.99 a yard! Sweet!

So here is my newest project- which I am thrilled to be doing instead of the car seat! (I did get the straps done though!)

Love you Mama. And thank you for trusting me with this special piece of furniture- one day the girls will fight over it, I'm sure!

Scout field trip...

On Saturday the Scouts had a field trip to the animal refuge center. We've been there several times before and the kids always have fun looking at stuff and touching the dead animal carcus's. I know it's apart of nature and all, but why do we have to pet dead skunks, foxes, and other nasty rodents? It totally grosses me out and the kids thought it was a blast to shove random dead things in my face. Sick.
We went on the 1/2 mile walk outside, watched a video, had a few stations and then wandered around with the kids. It was a great 2 hours!

Thanks Jana for being an AMAZING leader! You are the best!!!

The car seat...

Another confession: I love to sew, but I really have no clue what I'm doing. And lets just admit, when you have no clue what you're doing- you have no business trying to make a new car seat cover. This is what we get folks- I'm tired of this beast and besides the strap holes- I'm calling it quits. The fabric is cute enough to cover my 10,ooo mistakes, so I'm really not caring anymore.

Before Willow was born, I made the girly cover for the car seat- but I couldn't keep it for the little man- so I took the plunge and decided to try again. Praying all the way-I pulled out my seam ripper and went to town taking the old one apart to use as my pattern. Let's just say 12 pieces, and not a clue- doesn't add up to pretty!

But again, oh well!I picked up the head rest at a yard sale for .25 and it's a nice one- but it has pink on it- so I'm looking at another impossible piece to try to cover. I told my MIL I would be over for some button hole lessons and recovering help! Wish me luck!

More fabric...

Let's face it... fabric delights my soul. It's beautiful, it's soft and you can make anything you want out of it! Here's a few more I picked up for the car seat cover, burp rags and summer blankets!