Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A very long day...

Trav has been working a few hours of overtime last week and yesterday & today so our incredible sleep schedule has been thrown off a bit. Let's just say that 3:45 AM is a hard pill to swallow. yesterday was one of those SUPER long days of running errands with the kids and 18 trips later- we were pretty tired. Here's how it went:

# 1- Drop the kids off at school at 8:00AM
# 2- Albertsons- to do doublers
# 3- Dentist- to pay a bill
# 4- Walmart- to use double coupons
# 5- Different Albertsons to get Bagel bites
# 6- Home to drop off all my groceries
# 7- Bank- to cash check & check on debit card
# 8- Fred Meyer- to get some more deals
# 9- Costco- to get milk and veggies
# 10- Micheal's to get beading wire
# 11- Back home to put food away and wait for kids
# 12- back to Albertson for refried beans
# 13- Post Office to get boxes
# 14- G-ma's house to pick up debit card
# 15- Back home to get Dad
# 16 Sister Izatt's house to get Pinewood Derby Stuff
# 17 Michelle's house to drop off a baby present
# 18- Back home to get ready for bed

... Trav & I were in bed and almost asleep by 9:00 PM- priceless!

You know you've couponing a long time when...

... your favorite cashier from Albertson's calls you at home to let you know they will be changing their registers and just wants to give you a "heads up".

My sweet friend (yes, she's actually a friend!) JJ, called me last week 3 times just to let me know there would be some changes to their registers. She called Trav's phone once, my phone once & then fianlly left 2 messages on mine! Who does that? Only my sewet, wonderful cashier named JJ. I thought it was the most adorable thing ever- it kind of melted my heart! (Trav has been over to her house to fix her computer once too,so we kinda watch each other's backs!)
After you spend years and a couple hundred hours with someone/people, you become close to them and have a little relationship. you learn about their lives, their crappy marriages, their finicial problems, their sleeping habits,their failing classes, their horse events, their grandkids, their vacations, & you even share recipies through out the week and report back to each other. It's great when my kids call everyone by name too, it's weird I know, but it kinda feels like home, or at least my second home, because somedays I practically live there!

No, I'm not hiding... just recovering...

It's been a week since my last post! (insert gasp here!) I know, I can hardly believe it either- but I've been a little "extra" busy over here. Angie & I singly handedly put on another yard sale this past weekend, and we are both trying to recoup from that wonderful experience!

If you have had a yard sale where you have 8 people's items, are picking up everyone's stuff, driving around town to collect as many tables as possible, pricing for weeks, setting up for days, putting out signs, trying to get 4 kids ready and out the door by 6:15 AM to drive to Meridian, putting out signs in the snow,keeping track of everyone's money, having the sale for 2 days in CRAZY weather, then taking down the sale, cleaning up the area, then cleaning up the house that was trashed for days, dividing up everyone's stuff, boxing up everyone's items, trying to organize it in the van so you can return it to people, adding up everyone's money, dividing that into 8 envelopes, picking up signs, returning tables, unpacking your own stuff, getting everything put back in the shed & then returning home to normal life to collapse into bed- then you know what it's like to survive a yard sale!!!
I love having them, honestly, I do- they are just a ton of work!!! It was a blast though over at Angie's for days before and then days during- it was great to hang out, talk to funny people and see how many people would try to talk you down on prices. We ate more junk food than should be discussed, laughed at silly people and debated if we should even start the sale while we were putting signs out in the SNOW!! I told her to have faith, (the size of a mustard seed, right?) that the weather would improve, and it did! Although cold & windy- we had a great turn out and we sold a bunch of stuff and made a few pennies too!
I can't even tell you how much I love my sweet Angie. She is honestly one of the most selfless people I have ever known. I wish I would have counted how many times she had to get up to get something for someone, myself included! (but hey, she made me funeral potatoes, I had to eat right???!) She is simply amazing. I love her like a sister and I thank God for her everyday. We laugh, we joke, we love and we eat a lot of candy together. We had a great, exausting time together- I can't wait to do it again- I love you Miss Angie!