Monday, January 10, 2011

Noodle Bath!!!

All day long all I heard was, "Mom, can we take our noodle bath yet?"
Well, finally the blessed event was upon us and we had a blast. We played, we laughed and we made a huge mess. What a great day!

More fun...

The Noodle Bath...

Once again, I apoligize for the swim suit shots, believe me, these lingering 100 pounds were the last thing I wanted to share with all of you, trust me!
It was another successful noodle bath tonight as we all hopped in and squished noodles between our toes and shoved handfuls down our bathing suits. the kids were laughing, noodles were flying and I was just trying to keep the cleavage covered! We definatly didn't put as many packs in this year. My guess is only 30 this time (no seasoning!). Regaurdless of the mess Trav is now cleaning up, it was fun and worth it. My favorite part is finding dried ramen noodles all over the house for the next week!

Singing Happy Birthday...

Trav bought a yummy birthday cake, and it took awhile to assemble 31 candles on it, but I think we got it!

Dinner at Goodwood...

If I were to die tomorrow, my last meal would be at Goodwood. I completely adore their Club sandwich. It is beautiful, ginormous and the best thing in the world- which is why we had to go tonight! It was heaven. The kids loved their ribs too!

31 things you should know about me...

In honor of my old age today, I thought I would share 31 "amazing" things about myself, in no paticuliar order:
(Yes, today is my 31st birthday!)

1- I have an INTENSE, I mean GINORMOUS fear of cliffs &/or roads with no railings. My fear is actually somewhat paralizing. I will have panic attacks while on road trips- it's honestly awful. In my mind I see us driving off the edge and dying. Nothing calms it either- I just shake, cry and hyperventilate.
2- I was nominated most unique in High School (but darn it, the other girl won!)
3- I am insainly OBSESSED with The Office.
4-I have repeating dreams that my teeth are falling/crumbling out of my mouth.
5-I have never broken a bone.
6- I am not a Facebook girl, sorry!
7- I have over 2500 emails to look through & delete right now.
8- I average 4-5 hours of sleep a night.
9- I ADORE motorcycles.Especially rides with my Dad. Just not when I'm 7 months pregnant!! (let's not do that again!)
10- I think the orchard is a magical place.
11- I wouldn't survive without yard sales.
12- I am addicted to chapstick. (If I was on a deserted island- that would be my 1 item.)
13- I ADORE super HOT baths. The kind that make you a little dizzy afterwards and you have to lay down just to recover. They are the best.
14-I have a sweating problem. End of subject.
15-I used to think texting was pointless.
16-Sadly, I do not have a savings account.
17-I have had migrains since I was 12 & still do.
18-I still collect starburst wrappers for my chain that I started when I was 16.
19- Sugar makes everything better.
20- I HATE change.
21-I order the same exact thing off the menu at every resturant. I never switch.
22- One day I want to publish my Rosco the Talking Giraffe stories. (I wrote them when I was in 6th grade. I always wanted my brother Jesse to illistrate. P.S *I don't think I've ever told him that.)
23- I have over 30 journals.
24- I don't wear nail polish on my fingers because I think it clashes with the color of the ring I wear on my right hand.
25- My favorite stores are: Target, Costco, Old Navy & ANY craft/fabric store.
26- I still have a crush on Michael Bolton (Leave me alone! I have loved him ever since I was a little girl. I saw him in concert with my Mom when I was 5 months pregnant with Daisy. I thought for sure he would scoop me up and take me with him.)
27- I don't sing in front of many people. It stems from my best friends wanting to hear me sing in Jr, High. I was too embarressed and I still am.
28- I do not enjoy cooking, although I pray to have the desire.
29- I LOVE 8:00 PM bedtime.
30- I'm not big into snuggling.Especially when I'm about to fall asleep, I need my space.
31- I am VERY claustrophobic. I always have to sit on an end.

There you have it. 31 life changing things about me!