Monday, August 23, 2010

My Mom has my charger cord!!!

So, my Mom called to tell me that she has my camera charger!!! Yeah! I can't even tell you how I have missed it, or how many stores I have been to to find they were $ 40.00! Really? I've been online, on ebay, and Samsungs website without much luck. I just had a feeling like I should wait and not buy one, and sure enough my sweet Mama saves the day again! Thanks Mom!
(I almost didn't get a picture of the kids first day of school because of my old, stupid camera. Luckily, I did though!)

Daisy starts Kindergarten...

We walked to school with Tristin & Daisy this morning so I could stand with her for awhile. I was so excited for her, nervous, delighted and scared all at the same time. We talked about introducing herself to kids and being nice, asking to eat lunch with other kids, and how to be helpful to her teacher. It just tugged at my heart to watch her walk inside the cafateria with Tristin looking so nervous. I finally walked home with Trav and the girls wiping away a few tears. She is growing up. My sweet Daisy girl is now going to be corrupted by the public school system! Perfect example: She came up to me and said, " Mom there is a problem. I don't know how to burp my ABC's. The other kids in my class know how to do it and I don't."
Well, great- on day # 1 it begins!

Tristin's first day of 3rd grade...

It's crazy that I have a 3rd grader, I know. Here is my little man on his first day. (last Wed.) He is enjoying it so far and he has Mrs. Hansen again! She was his 1st grade teacher. He is such a good boy. I love him so much, even if he talks about weapons, explosions, destruction and video games all the time. "He's a boy, Em" is what Travis tells me all the time. Yes, indeed he is.

The longest 48 hours ever...

Travis still has his job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just had to get that out for those of you who do not like to read my super long posts.
He called his Supervisor this morning at 8:15 AM and they talked for a few minutes. All it was was a schedule change! THANK. YOU. LORD!! They wanted to switch him from his normal 4 10 hour days to 5 8 hours days instead.
So, to the Supervisor who lacked tackfulness and could have mentioned it was shedule related- thank you so much for the longest 2 days of my life since giving birth.
My stomach was in knots for days,and I thought I was going to lose my sanity. I envisioned forclosure signs in my yard, living in our super hot mini van, bills piling up, and the unfortunate weight of trying to find another job.
Thank you Lord for the amazing news! Honestly didn't think we were going to be that lucky. Thanks for your prayers and sweet concern for my family.