Sunday, December 2, 2007

My Mommy, my world...

I cannot even put into words how much I love my Mother. I've tried and I have never been able to capture it. All I know is, I miss her every second of my life and I love every moment I have with her. I feel at peace when I'm with her and that feeling is one I crave constantly but never really experience. I love everything we do and it doesn't have to be thrilling or exciting. My favorite moments are those spent on the carpet reading books to the kids, or when we're talking on the couch, or when she's winning at Yahtzee almost every time! (I don't know how she does it, because I'm pretty good myself, but she goes beyond all the Yahtzee rules and wins constantly.) I love our rides in my Volkswagon because we're practally sitting on each other's laps, or listening to the kids and laughing at all the silly things they are saying. I love it when she comes because we have fun no matter what. As she was getting ready to board the plane ( or go through the gate) she said that I was a good Mother, but compared to what she has been in my life, I feel I will never come close, how could I? She is incredible, couragous and breathtaking. She is my everything, and oh, how my heart aches when it's time to say goodbye. What a wonderful visit, thank you Mama.

G-ma & Daisy reading bedtime stories!

Miss Daisy loves her bed time stories, especially those by: "Mercer Mayer". She's so cute. I think G-ma ended up reading this one a few times, daisy already knows how to smile cute and get her way!

Decorating Christmas cookies with G-ma!

We had fun decorating cookies last night with G-ma! They turned out pretty cute, and yummy too!

G-ma & G-pa Come For A Visit!!

Mom and Brent are probably boarding the plane to return home to Seattle as I type this. We just dropped them off at the airport after having a terrific weekend with them! Why does it always go so fast? We went to I HOP for breakfast this morning, yummy pancakes!