Friday, August 20, 2010

Busy past 2 weeks...

I just looked at my last post and it was 15 days ago! I've been super busy these past few weeks working on Chelsea's yard sale (which became Angie's moving sale, Heather's moving sale, including my stuff, Annikans stuff, Sue's stuff, Cerrie's stuff & Evonne's stuff) It was actually probably the largest sale I've done. And of course it was Angie & I doing everything by ourselves. Did I mention she is 7 months pregnant and I got the stomach flu the night before and was throwing up all night too- SOOO fun! It took 45 hours from start to finish and a few weeks of pricing prior to the sale. That's how much I love my Chelsea, but I was definatly happy to drop the last load off at the DI and drive away.

School started for Tristin on Wed and Miss Daisy starts on Monday. She will be full days Mon-Wed & every other Fri. so we'll see how that schedule works out.

Daisy lost her first tooth today!
We've been canning beans for days now and it is great to see them all lined up on my new counter top! The kitchen has been complete now for about 2 weeks and its been SO heavenly to be able to use it like a girl should!

I've also been losing my mind trying to find my camera charger! I've spent hours searching for that little cord but I think I must have left it on one of our vacations. So, I'm camera-less for a bit and it's driving me nuts, I use it everyday. I was able to get a few shots using my old one, but it's a treat even trying to get that one to work.