Monday, October 24, 2011

100 load party...

In honor of my 100th load of laundry approaching-I am planning a small party, which included's only myself. I've been planning for awhile now and after much debate with my Mother's idea's- I think I like mine a lot better.

Her idea's were: Eat deviled or scrambled eggs (Seriuosly Mom?)
or do the lice dance. That was it from my amazingly creative Mother.
My idea's are:
drown my sorrow's in a bag of Albertson's choc. chip & M&M cookies, while snarfing down a box of Old fashioned Glazed donuts and topping it off with a pint of Chubby Hubby! It sounds deleriously perfect! And I can't wait!!! my challenge to you, in honor of the: Berthelson Head Lice Month, is: to do as much laundry as you possibly can for 1 day and then celebrate by consuming 50,000 calories in 1 sitting!

*** My sweet friend brought over a poster yesterday which included her deepest sympathy's involving candy bars. It was super cute Thanks Kara- it was honestly the best therapy ever!!!

Why Not???

Let's add another family member to the mix of dreadfulness. That makes half the family now!
Seriously, I cannot do anything more. I have cleaned, washed, soaked, dried, frozen, disinfected, shampooed and sanitized EVERYTHING a thousand times!!! Why won't they leave???

I've used bottles of disinfecting wipes, 2 bottles of killing shampoo, a bottle of killing spray,a full can of Lysol spray, bars & containers of soap, boxes of dryer sheets, bottles of detergent, 2 spray bottles of tea tree oil spray, 97 loads of laundry and 16 just in the dryer- I've washed my hands so much that they are cracking and peeling, I've vacummed the van, shampooed the van, revacuumed the van, removed eggs for hours every day, cleaned the car seats,toys, coats, underwear, socks, toys, furniture pillows, bags, back packs, combs, hair bows, hair stuff,washed walls, washed hangers, washed the rods the clothes were hanging on, changed clothes 5 times a day, made everyone wear shower caps throughout the day & at night, plus put a pillow case over the shower cap to protect everything else... what else is a girl to do but cry???

Seriously, my morning routine consists of:
(Just for cleaning the beds)
remove pillow cases
remove sheets
remove blankets & comforters
vacuum pillows
vacuum mattress
change clothes
put clean pillow cases on
put clean sheets on
wash sheets & pillow cases
wash or dry blankets & comforters
(every other day I wash sheets
the other day I started just drying on high heat)
put clean pillow cases on
put clean sheets on
wait for blankets to be washed/ dry and replace
vacuum carpet.
Move to next rooms and repeat 4 times.

I'm so tired...