Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A brother to play with...

After having a baby, it's seems to be free game to ask the person if they plan on having more kids.
# 1- DON'T ask someone who JUST had a baby if she wants to go through 10 weeks of vomiting, unsightly weight gain, back pain to make a grown man weap, sleepless nights caused by the "wiggling alien", cravings that turn you into a wild woman, dangerous hormones that have been known to cause divorce, weird strangers coming up to you in the grocery store and rubbing their dirty hands all over your belly, or cause old ladies to stare in horror at your tight belly shirt,the sicking toilet paper shortage, enduring the man who thinks he has the right to talk about child birth,and then the delivery... I can promise that if you ask that question, in that moment- the answer will be "Are you insain?"
# 2- It's just too soon to ask, wait until the hormones settle down first, or until you can see that the showers, hair & make up and "real clothes" have resumed.

So... will we have another child?
Will Tristin ever have a brother? We. do.not. know.
Are we even thinking about it? Not right now.We're just enjoying these little monkeys.

So, yesterday when I went into the girls room and saw Tristin playing with them (Pet Shops of all things, so cute!) I just stood there and asked that question. "Will he ever have a brother? The answer came, We do not know. Will he grow up with a bunch of sisters? Well, that is certain, so I guess his Pet Shop days are here to stay! (For those who don't know, Pet Shops are these small plastic animals with little bobble heads.)

My "Mommy Moment"...

You know those moments when you look at your children and it feels like your heart is melting inside, just oozing with love for them? Well, I do, and I call them my "Mommy moments." It's in that moment that all that love comes rushing through your body and it almost takes your breath away, or makes you stop dead in your tracks, or laugh so hard you pray you don't have an accident, or sigh with such admiration, or even wipe the tears away as you gaze at your perfect little angel. It's in that moment that you're reminded why you wanted to become a Mother in the first place and why that tiny little being is the center of your universe.I love these moments. I love them because when they happen, my heart smiles. I feel peace for the first time in that day. My love grows and deepens and my desire to become better- is renewed. When I stop, slow down and focus, I realize that I'm surrounded by those moments, and they don't plan on staying around for too long. I'm learning about the delicate balance of Motherhood. I'm learning that it is incredibly difficult to "get right". I'm also learning that this is what I've been waiting for my entire life... my moments.