Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yard sale therapy...

After days of dealing with ANOTHER bladder infection, laying in bed ALL day wanting to die, drinking 50 gallons of Cranberry juice, getting more antibiotics and drugs that stain EVERYTHING bright orange, and living in my PJ's- I had to venture out of the house and do something normal. The yard sale angels blessed me with a few super duper awesome finds to make up for my nasty body that seems to catch every infection known to man. I felt a little better after finding these beauties:

* A super retro toaster oven that matches my kitchen, oh so perfectly!$ 2.00
* A super old adding machine that just looks cool and provided hours of entertainment to my kids! $ 1.00
* A ton of yarn for my wreath projects= $ 1.00
* And a super awesome fire extingusher holder! $ 2.00

Loved my wonderful additions!

Spy Ninja's...

Hopefully they can make a living one day being "spy ninja's"!

Another bladder infection...

There are no words to describe how much I despise this.

Daddy & Tristin go to Utah for 4 days...

With my wild brian, I was really happy that Trav left for 4 days on the same weekend as the yard sale. I had enough panic attacks before he & Tristin left to spread over an entire year- and I had the yard sale to help occupy those weird places in my brain that NEVER stop worrying! I was almost too exahusted to realize they were gone and even more tired to worry that:
*They would be found in a ditch somewhere
*The police would show up on my doorstep and tell me the horrif news
*I would be a single parent with the girls
*Willow would never stop asking for "dadum"
*I would be forever lost without my boys
*The funeral would be too much to handle
*I wouldn't know our bank account password to pay the bills
*I wouldn't have Tristin around to kiss my cheeck and tell me he loves me
*the closet door in the girl's room would never get fixed because he always does it for me
*all the pictures would fall down because I never anchor them in the wall the way Trav does
*I would miss all the talk about guns, knives & explosions
*I wouldn't know how to make quilts for the girl's out of their Daddy's clothes
*I wouldn't be able to sleep in our bed without Trav
*I would miss Trav scraping the ice cream bowl 100 times trying to scoop out every last drop ...

Lets just say- I can relax a little now that they have been home safe for 6 wonderful days!
They drove down to Utah with G-ma & G-pa for Rob & Amy's baby blessing and had a great time! We were all thrilled to have them home again!

A successful yard sale!

There's nothing better than getting 3-4 hours a sleep for days in a row and then having a huge yard sale over the weekend to top it off. I was wiped out by the time Saturday hit, and it took awhile to recover, let me tell you!
I was practicaly dilerious with weird dizzy spells -but we did it and only had rain the tail end of Friday!
Like always, it was great to hang out with Miss Angie for the weekend and eat amaizing egg salad sandwiches, visit with "really" interesting people, and watch as people try to talk you down on a .10 item. It was great to be with her and the girls had fun too. I'm glad Miss Kara came over for awhile to hang out and help with the madness as well- she is a rare gem.
Everyone worked their tails off and I'm pretty glad I won't be having another one this season- 2 is enough! (And then there's Angie- who's had or helped with 4 aready- crazy lady!)