Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fixing the House...

Last month was pretty crazy for us as we bought and fixed up our first house!
We have so much more respect for those who do that kind of work for a living, or those who have just survived it. We are in love with it now. It was a ton of work for us, who know nothing about how to fix a house, but luckily the projects were ones we could do ourselves. We had fun ripping out all the old, nasty, pee infested carpet, taking down wall paper to find ugly wood paneling behind it, refinishing walls, retexuring walls, removing a corner of brick were a stove used to be, painting the fire place, painting the inside of the house, removing the ugliest wood fan you've ever seen, replacing light fixtures, adding my black and white checkered floor to the kitchen, replacing all the carpet, removing the dishwasher, adding a new one, ripping out the kitchen sink and adding a new one, adding base boards, removing and adding a new front door, removing old blinds and putting up new ones, adding doors, painting wild flowers all over,decorating, removing trees, removing a lot of rose bushes and taking too many trips to the dump. Then we were able to unpack! It was difficult with the kids at our feet EVERY second, a nursing baby, work, church, tristin starting school and normal life- but we survived it.
Audra was right, some days you do go to Lowes/Home Depot 5 times a day! Luckily, we just have to repaint the outside in the spring, and get new windows.
We are loving having a place to call our own and the kids love the huge back yard.
Heavenly Father blessed us beyond belief...

Ode to Audra

One of my best friends convinced me to start my own blog. (Thank you Audra!) I have never been one to follow the crowd, but to me, this was still something I could call my own, yet feel apart of something as well.
My other best friend Jessica and I were talking about how we all need a witness to our lives and it's true. I guess I have felt so lost for so long that I needed this outlet. Now- I have a way I can share my life with you, my goofy habits, pictures of my beautiful family, my passion for writing, my love of art and my joy for life.
My hope is that I will spend less time cleaning and more time embracing what is most important.
My hope is that I will learn to sit down, relax, write and share my life with you. It's true, we all need a witness to our lives, thank you for being mine...