Friday, April 23, 2010

I have running water again!

Before the kitchen exploded, I thought of myself as a grateful person, always thanking the Lord for modern miracles such as: washing machines, dryers, advil, toilets, hand sanitizer, dishwashers, cars, microwaves, epadurils, and chocolate. But now, after not having running water in the kitchen for the longest time- I got a tiny glimpse of how difficult it must have been for those pinoeer women to make food for their families. I just wanted to say thank you Lord for blessing me with water again- I have definatly taken a lot for granted.

M & M's...

Dad, I think the girls are following in my footsteps!
(When I went to Hawaii with my Dad, he took a zillion pictures of me next to all these silly statues. Now the girls want me to take pictures of them too. Here they are at Walgreens at Albertson's posing just like their Mama used to do!)

Fun at the park...

When Tristin came home from school he asked if we could walk to the park. It was perfect weather and I needed to try out my new yard sale stroller that I picked up for $ 5.00! (And no, I didn't bother to do the girl's hair...)