Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fun at Lowes...

We went to Lowes a few days ago so Trav could pick up some wood to make new drawers for Grace's bed. The girls were having so much fun playing around. They are pretty cute together... (I don't know how to delete the blurry picture, sorry!)

A few projects...

Ohmigosh! Last week I was driving home when out of no where, I saw a YARD SALE SIGN! A real one too (not one that the goof ball forgot to take down all year long), and in January! So, with about .25 to my name, I couldn't pass it up. Sure enough, I found a ton of little things and a few big things (like the perfect sized shelf to go in my overflowing pantry/craft area. The clip board was .25, the jar was .75 which I really needed for snacks and the "adorable" chicken/duck spoon/ladel set for .25 (I had to drive home and get more money!)Oh I can't wait for yard sale season to begin!!!!
Just a little paper & Mod Podge and they look a lot better!
I found the birds at the dollar store (Dollar Tree) and I thought they would look better pray painted white. After SEVERAL coats, they turned out super cute, except one of the birds decided to crackle a little bit. I kept them outside in the cold, so I wouldn't do that again! But hey, you get the idea. Then I found the "Family Rules" idea on this blog: I added our own rules of course, which include: Take your shoes off, always tell the truth, Just do your best, pray always, no jumping on the furniture, How do you ask?, nothing happens when you whine & no toys at the table. I used a canvas I bought from a yard sale over the summer (.50) and paper I had, some Mod Podge, ribbon & vinyl lettering. Kind of fun!