Friday, April 13, 2012

Loving the deals lately!

I normally post all my deals on my deal blog, but I've been so blessed lately I had to remind everyone to shop AFTER the holidays and stock up when you find great deals. Some people look at me funny when I'm out- but I share the love and half the stuff in my cart is for other people anyway! I'm always making the calls, taking orders and dropping stuff off at friends home's, so I know the Lord continues to bless me because I help other people too!
Here's my Easter loot!

Yard sale treasures...

Today was finally a good day for yard sales! I found a bunch of little stuff, some boy clothes & shoes for .50 each, 50 Pull- Up's for Willow (she's doing great on the potty, but I need them for nap & night time!), and an awesome Comforter for $ 5.00!(I've had it in the dryer and it's all wrinkled now, but it's super cute!)

I love our Dollar store!!!

A few weeks ago I went to one of the dollar stores near our house and stumbled across gallon jugs of cran raspberry juice for $ 1.00 each. I almost wet my pants because that's my favorite juice in the whole world but I never get it because it's $ 5.99 (2 pack) at Costco, and there are never deals for it. (there was like 2 or 3 years ago, but not much since then) I grabbed a bunch, went out to the van, made a ton of calls to friends and RS president to get a e mail out to the sisters to spread the news of the great price.(we are all into food storage and have a bunch of kids!)
I went back in a grabbed a bunch more and then the calls started coming in of friends who couldn't get to the store- so I stood there taking orders and buying rounds of cart loads of juice for everyone I knew. I was so excited, and the manager was tickled to get rid of it all too!

Today was another story... I was driving by when I saw the "bread man" parked in front of the doors, so I swung around to see what yummy bread he was bring in. I scored on Costco's orowheat potato rolls for $ 1.00 each & some cinnimon bread that we devour in seconds! I also saw huge boxes of cereal for $ 1.00. (Malt o meal captain crunch with berries, cinnimon toast crunch and frosted mini wheats) I was so thankful because we needed cereal! Again, I started the calls to friends and before I knew it, Annikan & Lara were at the store loading up and we all had other orders for friends who couldn't make it in time. We walked out with a ton of cereal for $ 1.00. The deals just haven't been great the past year 1/2 for it- so we were all desprete for some!

Thank you dollar store, we love you!